Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Make a Dream Reality || Bernadine

Bernadine is proof that those who do their homework come out on top.

A university educated musician, Bernadine knows her stuff and, man, is it obvious in the music. Filled breathtaking violin and that sensational voice, Bernadine is the hardworking poster child for chasing your dreams. You might not have heard of her before, but take note, because you don't want to forget a talent like B's.

You only debuted last year, what was happening for you before you came on to the music scene?
I had been working full time as a contemporary musician, performing as a soloist and in bands in Perth, I was also at university studying classical music performance. Both my job and study influenced me greatly and nurtured me to develop the confidence to create my own music and put together a show that reflected me as an artist. I have the pleasure of working with so many brilliant Perth musicians in the scene and I owe them so much as their abilities and dedication to music inspire me daily.

I'm a big fan of your new I Don't Mind film clip! Were you happy with the end result?
The clip is, in my opinion, perfect! To be honest my videographer, Corey James, and I were just having fun and letting it flow. There was no clear story board; we actually made up the story as we went along and so it is actually a reflection of a moment of thought happening at the time of filming. On a different day it could have turned out completely different. I am so proud of it as my first music video as it is visually spectacular with a great story.

Your self-titled album was only released this year, but what's the reaction been like so far?
The reaction has been mind blowing. It has shown me that I have so much support from family, friends and fans and they give me words of encouragement daily, for which I am so thankful. Releasing the album also was a gateway into a new world for me. I felt like I was finally in the music game and with this release I am able to apply for festivals and opportunities. It is my dream to play at Glastonbury and Coachella one day so I want to play at as many small and large music festivals so I can build my audience and work my way towards this dream. Making this dream a reality requires so much from me but I am not holding back from working towards it, I am already planning my next tour and a new release for 2017. I am really proud of my current release, it is on rotation on hundreds of local radio stations around the globe. From here I am looking to get more mainstream radio [airplay] (Triple J, Double J, BBC Radio 1), [but] I am giving myself a few years of hard work to get this kind of airplay. Watch this space!

I know you have a few festival dates secured, what's the attraction for these sorts of shows for you?
[A]ny kind of opportunity like this is important as it allows you to showcase your music to the locals in your area, gain new fans, meet new musicians and just increase your presence overall. I also feel it is really important to have local support in artistic endeavours. It creates a sense of home and ownership to the journey. No matter how large this project may get, I will always call Perth home and be thankful that this city embraced me as an artist and allowed me to just be me.

Sunday November 15th – White Star Hotel, Albany, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Thursday November 19th – The Freemasons Hotel, Geraldton, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Friday November 20th – Bar Indigo, Rockingham, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Sunday November 22nd – Divers Tavern, Broome, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Thursday November 26th – Indi Bar, Scarborough, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Friday November 27th – Jimmy’s Den, Peth, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only