Friday, December 16, 2016

Top 8 Songs of 2016 || The Hiding

        Meet The Hiding, a band that not only make great music but also have great taste in music. Which is perfect, because that is exactly what this space is all about - great music, great artists, great reads. And luckily the kind folks of the band have put together their Top 8 tracks from 2016 into one nifty list right here. Couple it with the groups' very own track, Dream Catcher's Life, a catchy tune all about doing what's right for you despite what others may say. So go pour yourself a drink, get out your speaker and sit back, The Hiding has got you covered. Kudos!

 Lose It – Flume featuring Vic Mensa
        From the first moment that Skin was previewed, this instantly stood out. The way in which the track raises through the intensity of the syths and drums, and how Vic Mensa manipulates the melody of the chorus immediately gets tattoed into your mind with its catchiness. It’s such a big adrenaline rush within the album.

 Holla – LANKS
        This track is a testament to how much LANKS has grown as an artist in such a short period of time. There is so much going on in this track, and lyrically it takes you on a massive journey. LANKS has really captured the essence of his vocals and knows how to manipulate them to perfection. The ‘tribal’ drumming that he creates within the chorus as his own type of ‘drop’ within the track is clever, working his electronic influences into this track to a high standard.

 Nothing Like This – Blonde/Craig David
        Craig David has come back from the dead and I for one am a huge fan of what he’s done this year. Yeah, he took Bieber/Jack U and made it his own, but the track he’s done with Blonde should’ve been bigger than it was in Australia in my opinion. David doesn’t even need to show off his beautiful vocal talents to even sell this one, the production behind it makes great. EDM and Craig David are a match made in heaven.

 You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me – Alex Lahey
        Lahey’s ability to tell a story in a serious yet comedic way is something to be admired. Whenever this one comes on, you just can’t help shouting the chorus at the top of your lungs. It’s just so damn catchy – there’s nothing more you can say!

 Lone – What So Not/Ganz featuring JOY.
        The number one song in the gym playlist of The Hiding. This track is so huge! The build up to the drop is perfect, and the drop is simply awesome (especially at the end of the song). JOY’s reverb soaked vocals are well placed and almost strategically build the emotional context of the song without being the centre point of the song.

 My Love Is Gone – SAFIA
         I can’t fault SAFIA’s debut album in any way. I didn’t think they could top their early stuff, but ‘My Love Is Gone’ raised the bar again. Usually I’m a big sucker for Ben’s vocals (which is the case once again), but the main attraction to this one was the breakdown towards the latter part of the song. SAFIA essentially take you back to the start of the track and build you back up before you can catch your breath. Well played.

 The Noise – Castlecomer
        How Castlecomer aren’t playing stadiums yet is beyond me. I’ll admit that we’ve jumped on them way too late, but oh boy these guys are incredible. The production levels of this one are incredibly good, but they have one of the best live sets I’ve seen in some time. You can tell that considerable amounts of blood, sweat and tears have gone into what they do and it’s paying extreme dividends.

 Waiting – Midnight Pool Party
        Since they came to attention with ‘Stay’, these Sydney lads have kept us waiting for far too long, and they definitely did not disappoint. ‘Waiting’ portrays a classic love story that we’re all too familiar with, but how they continue to bring that party vibe with this one through a strong synth presence and Darren’s smooth vocals is top notch.