Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Go Van Go || Kill City: Renegades

Brisbane based rockers Go Van Go are back with a new single (There Was You), new EP (Kill City: Renegades) and a new run of tour dates. The talented musos have also secured themselves a spot in Red Deer Festival, which boasts co-openers Art vs. Science and The Jungle Giants, on October 22. Kill City: Renegades is the never-ending party of rock that fans have come to expect.

With a riff heavy, hurtling ride of rock in their latest EP, the lads from Go Van Go are back on the road performing a short run of tour dates across the east coast of Australia. With a setlist this good, the only choice is to front up. The 18+ shows are already off and running, but there's still time to head along and find out first hand the power of homegrown rock.

Kill City: Renegades is available for purchase on iTunes.

Friday August 19th – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets available at oztix.com.au | 18+ only 
Wednesday August 31st – Frankie’s, Sydney, NSW
Free Entry | 18+ only 
Thursday September 1st – RAD Bar, Wollongong, NSW
Tickets available at door | 18+ only 
Friday September 9th  – Yah-Yah’s, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at door | 18+ only 
Saturday October 22nd – Red Deer Festival, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets available at eventbrite.com.au | 18+ only

Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet MANE || Artist Bio

"It's often easier to talk as MANE."

Paige Renee Court is the bushy haired girl who grew up with the nickname MANE and continued on with it once she launched herself into the music industry. "I thought that'd be cool! It's something a bit personal." And she isn't afraid to admit that the detachment of not being called by her full name makes it easier to share her music with the masses.

And this is a girl who isn't afraid to share some seriously ace music. "I'm so ready to share," the artist admitted in the lead up to her debut EP launch, House of Horrors. "I've been sitting on this [music] for about a year. It's different music [for me]." But despite the worries, the launch was a huge success. MANE really had nothing to worry about, and it's to imagine anyone with a voice like hers worrying about the reaction to her music. We're all human, and that's perhaps what makes MANE such a charismatic artist. She's up front about the nerves, the pressure, but also seriously talented.

The EP has a whole is about "life things". The song 'Bitter' is "a journey of life experience...it's hard to articulate. I wrote the whole thing literally crying". MANE explains, though, that this is exactly why writes music. "It's just easier to write and not talk. It's just a way of getting it off my chest." 

While she may be still a fresh face in the industry, MANE is already a force to be reckoned with. In a self-described "interesting industry", she's the breath of clean air that any true music lover is always looking for. With a story to tell, some serious music to share and a wish to see Paul Kelly perform live, MANE still has a lot to share with the world.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Laura Roy // Laura Roy

Canadian pop/R'n'B pocket rocket, Laura Roy is throwing out her latest EP of powerhouse vocals and easy vibes. The self titled collection are a bop of upbeats and positive lyrical reminders - seemingly from Roy to herself. The Nova Scotia dweller has had her fair share of experience with acclaimed producers and knows how to work magic into her music. It's her authenticity that really shines here, staying strong throughout but keeping up the beat is no mean feat. Laura Roy, though, has pulled it off with seeming ease. This is music that'll make you happy. Exactly how it should be.

Hey lovely! First off, congrats on the EP, how are you feeling knowing such you’ve created such a rad collection of songs?
Thank you!! That's so sweet. It feels great!  I am really proud of how the project turned out. I was very involved in the writing and producing process of it all so this EP is like my baby.

Do you have a favourite song off the EP? 
My favourite track always changes but I will say that I love "Full Moon". It was a closure song for me to write and meant a lot to me. I also just love the vibe of the track and really enjoy singing it.

You’ve dedicated a lot of time to this EP, how did you find the process?
It took a lot of patience but I think it needed to be that way for me, at least this time around to really get the music right.  I'm really proud of how everything turned out and I learned a lot throughout the process. I am just anxious to get the next project started!

You’ve worked with some big name producers and writers, has there been someone you particularly enjoyed collaborating with? 
My good friend Quake Matthews is one of my favourite artists and people. We've done a lot of music together and are both from the same place in Canada.

What draws you towards RnB? 
If this the music you grew up with or is it a more recent love? It's a bit of both. I was definitely influenced by r&b music growing up but as I grew older I really developed a strong love for r&b and soul music.

If you play this EP for anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
Pharell. I think he is a musical/producing genius and I love how passionate and genuine he is. [I] would die to work with him or even have a conversation with him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Residual || All For You release + Tour

“All For You is about a relationship I was in - we had both recognised that the end was nigh, but loved each other too much to ever call it a day.  However, that day came a day before we started tracking vocals.  I remember sitting in the courtyard at the studio and giving the lyrics a pretty substantial re-write.  This song is really about giving yourself to someone, despite the knowledge that it will soon end.” - Sam Burtt on the band's latest track, All For You.

Talented alt-rockers Residual have a full house of cards for this August. With tour dates, an upcoming EP and gigs every Monday at Melbourne's 'The Workers Club', these guys are ready to play. With the count down for their EP fast approaching, Haunt out August 26, the guys have given fans a taste of what's to come with their latest track All For You ready and waiting for your ears.

With the excitement of both the current and upcoming releases, Residual are keen to get out and play for real life audiences with their string of dates throughout August. While previously having spent their time travelling and perfecting the Haunt record, Residual are now ready to share their enthusiasm and newly found maturity in the upcoming gigs. And if Burtt's zealous performance in the All For You film clip is anything to go by, gig-goers are in for a treat.

Lead vocalist, Sam Burtt, explains the EP's inspiration as a "theme of the unobtainable". The album is available for pre-order here.


Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tickets available from www.residualofficial.com

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mini Reviews || First Year On Earth / St. Albion / Kacy Hill

Worn Road - First Year On Earth

Worn Road - pulled from the album of the same name - is another notch in the belt of this hardworking, genuine-music-making 4-piece, First Year On Earth. With eclectic backgrounds and a variety of musical talents, the group come together with this track (and the entirety of their sophomore record) to produce another feel good, carefully crafted jumble of songs that just seems to work.
With so many elements going into the music - indie, folk, Americana and the smallest slice of rock - it would've been easy to overcook and end up with a confused album that had no idea who it was or what it wanted to say. But FYOE have instead created a masterpiece. Easy to listen to, but not at all easy to forget, this album is the chicken soup of the music world and one that'll keep you company, well cared for and warm no matter what else is going on.

One Of A Kind - Feki x St. Albion

Ladies and gentlemen, he's done it again. St. Albion has teamed up with electronic artist Feki for some more chill beats and heaps of good vibes to match. This latest offering, One Of A Kind, is synth and rhythm heavy and honestly is there any other way to have it? With simple melodies accompanied by the serious prowess of that backing rhythm, this is a song that'll make you reach for your phone to check what's playing.
Just soft enough to entice those noncommittal to electronica, but with enough beat to lure EDM fans, this is a tune that speaks across genres and secures its rightful place on top of any playlist with ease. St. Albion is a name to be followed. Be ready for more.

Lion - Kacy Hill

Kacy Hill's Lion is a great roar of a song. With an easy sound and sharp lyrics, the tune is an unapologetic track, and rightfully so. A stripped down pop-esque feel, with a heart that beats extraordinarily loud, Lion will have you wishing your voice was as airy-yet-fierce as Hill's. And when she gets to that chorus..! Well, don't even get me started on that.
Seemingly drawing inspirations from Japanese influences, as well as more contemporary pop tunes, the track is a juxtaposition of genre but still manages to come out on top. Proving why the old saying is true, opposites attract with this one and, just between us, you should be very keen for more from this budding young songstress.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Funeral / Black Wave || Motioner Review

Motioner is back on the blog and I hope you're as excited as I am! Following on from the captivating Future Drunk, Motioner is back with more of his enthralling brand of indie electro. Wrapping his music up in a tangled yet entrancing musical journey, this is an artist who has no problem with playing it a little risky. It always seems to pay off, so why even stay in your comfort zone?When you have talent like Motioner, you'd be a fool not to use it like he.

Taken from his upcoming album 'Black Wave' (out later this year and well worth the wait!), Funeral is the latest single for you to sink your teeth into. As I mentioned in my last review, reviewing electro music is one of the most challenging genres. Funeral, while seriously catchy and undeniably a hit in the making, is one of those songs that I don't have words for.

Black Wave is a hub of some serious musical know how. Meshing together the best of both indie and electronic music, Motioner has produced an album to keep on repeat and ready for the next time you need a banger to get you through the day.