Wednesday, November 4, 2015

To Die For Swimwear || Promo Code

Hey bikini-loving gals!

I've teamed up* with the creative minds at To Die For Swimwear to bring you all free postage on their gorgeous bikinis - and just in time for summer! (At least if you're one of my Aussie readers.)
Cotton Candy/Summer Breeze

Founded in 2011, in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, this is a swimwear range that believes in health and having bikinis that fit you. YOU should never have to fit the bikini!

And they put their money where their mouth is, because these lovely lasses actively support eating disorder foundations. Kudos ladies!!

So I've got a little early Christmas for all you swimwear lovers, who, like me, can never have enough bikinis. And because these cute bathers are made in Sweden, international shipping can be kind of seriously expensive. But I've got the solution! 

Once you've picked your snazzy new swimmers, just head to the checkout and use the code XOLOVEEM for free shipping!

Cotton Candy/Gypsy

*This is NOT a sponsored post. However there are potential rewards for me for sharing this promo code with you lovely ladies. x

** Valid until December 4th 2015

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