Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Forest Falls || Interview #2

The last time Forest Falls stopped by Love 'Em they'd just finished up their Australian East Coast tour to celebrate Heavy Hearted Girl. Now, they're back. With new music, upcoming tours and all the good things, really. And despite their busy schedule they've kindly dropped by for another chat.

It's so lovely to feature you guys on Love 'Em again! How's it been since the release of Heavy Hearted Girl?
Well,it's lovely to be feature in Love 'Em again, so big ups to you guys! We've been busy little bees since our East Coast Australian tour in late 2014 for [our] previous single, Heavy Hearted Girl. Having recorded and finalised our newest record, the Hounds EP, with folk legend Wayne Connolly, we concluded 2014 and entered 2015 supporting Canadian powerhouse band, The Paper Lions, playing a slot on the New Music Stage at St Kilda Fest, selling out Ding Dong Lounge supporting Woodlock, and sharing the stage with Melbourne folksters HUSKY. Somewhere in between all of this we found time to do a Tram Session, which was the most enjoyable thing ever!

I'm loving your new single Hounds, what's the story?
Hounds is essentially a script, or a dialogue, between a couple 'on the rocks' - it takes a step back and hears both sides. I think song writing can be one-sided a lot of the time, we wanted to put a different spin on a pretty classic idea. Musically, it's quite soulful. Hallet's bass line gives it a wicked groove - again we're just mixing it up, trying to create new sounds and grow, but still keep what we love.

The music video is so gorgeous; did you have much to do with the creative process? What's your role in the clip?
We did get pretty involved. There was a lot of to and fro with developing storyline and certain scenes making the final cut. We didn't want the clip to centre on the band so Jon ended up playing this omnipresent cameo type role. As the lyrics suggest, Jon is just watching a couple go through their relationship and even though he has the benefit of being objective and outside the relationship, it's still quite quite quite convoluted and messy - it isn't black and white. We're super stoked with it.

I hear you also have a new EP coming out in May. What can we expect?
More lush and polished sounds, but never over-produced. 'Our sound' is really coming to the fore in the new record. Our East Coast tour last year allowed us the opportunity to work really hard on nutting out some more beautiful and complex harmonies, so we've been jumping out of our shell - so to speak - and have been working our instrumentation around that. The songs now seem greater than the sum of their parts, which is an amazing feeling, but we've still put a lot of focus on making our live show an experience for our audience.

What was it like working with an ARIA winning producer? Do you feel any pressure working with someone with those credentials?
This was nothing short of a pivotal point for the band. You're right, Wayne has some brilliant credentials. But ultimately, he decided to record us. And that validation meant a huge amount to us as a band. Of course he has a reputation to live up to, and to think he must have seen something in us that he liked is a big push forward. Once Wayne said yes to us, we knew we were on to a good thing. It's one thing to believe wholeheartedly in what you're doing, but it's another to have eternal recognition for what you pour your heart and soul int. To share that with others is the best feeling in the world.

You guys have some pretty exciting shows coming u; will this be featuring your new EP?
Yep! We've been working the live set pretty hard. We have a lighting and sound team behind us now who know our sound - we pretty much regard them as the seventh and eight members of the band - which really helps with our confidence getting the new work up on stage. It's an amazing set, one that we feel really proud of, and the new material is just the icing on the cake!

How are you feeling about performing these songs live?
Last time we toured we didn't have Jamie (our drummer). We did it acoustically, allowing us to focus on the core of the songwriting and harmonies. This time around we have him back and with that comes a bucket load of energy; for both us onstage, and our audience! It's such a thrill to be on stage, all six people at once. It's quite the spectacle!

I love the harmonies in Forest Falls, how are these to perform live?
We feel vocals are a massive part of our performance, Our harmonies are part of our musical identity. This is reflected in rehearsals, so most weeks we'll have an acoustic vocal session and a live production session. We film our performances, we sing individually, we critique each other and Morgan McWaters (our sound engineer) really helps us out by working with us to shape our sounds both onstage and in the house so that they work perfectly live. We're always incorporating different vocal techniques into our sounds both onstage and in the house so they work perfectly live. We're always incorporating different vocal techniques into our rehearsals so we can carry off live the effect as we want it. It's a massive buzz singing roaring five-part harmonies onstage with your best buds!

Thanks so much for stopping by again!
It's totally our pleasure! Might we just mention that if readers want to hear more about our band, previous releases, upcoming tours, or even the pre-order the new Hounds EP, they can head straight to our website which has all the info. Thanks!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Interior || Album Review

ARTIST: Fall Electric

ALBUM: Interior




It wasn't the sort of album that I would put on quietly. I tried, but this is the sort of music that needs to be loud. Earphones blaring, when you can't hear anything else. Just the music. Just the music. Just the music. The richness and simplicity was definitely better at volume. 

I am a great lover of string instruments, especially the cello, so for me hearing this on more contemporary music was a massive plus. This is a band that knows music, that understands what will work, which areas to push and which to leave as 'normal'.

I often think how fortunate I am to listen to so much great music. And Fall Electric have only added to my list. Interior impressed me immensely.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weightless Blog Tour || GIVEAWAY *CLOSED*

The day is finally here! 

I'm so thrilled to welcome Sarah Bannan - the author of Weightless - to Love 'Em for the finale of her blog tour. If you want to become more familiar with the book first, read my review HERE!

And make sure to enter the giveaway at the end!

5 Truths and a Lie about Me

In Adamsville, Alabama, rumour is gospel. It's the gospel truth.

At Adams High, the girls spread the word like they're apostles on a holy mission, spreading gossip, half-remembered memories, overheard conversations, intercepted texts.

In WEIGHTLESS, the narrators spend their days and nights talking. Texting. Tweeting. Messaging. Relaying truths and lies and a million things in between. They've known Brooke Moore and Gemma Davies since they were in diapers, have pined for Andrew Wright and Shane Duggan from the time they could put two words together. And they know lots about every one of them - only it's hard to tell how much they've gotten right. Even they have trouble remembering sometimes.

When Carolyn Lessing comes to Adamsville, Alabama, she's a blank slate. She's beautiful, sophisticated, stylish. She has money and intelligence and talent. She's the fastest swimmer on the team. But what her peers know about her - and what we know about her - is limited. Fuzzy. As sketchy as can be. Our picture of her is pieced together from a handful of conversations. A half dozen overheard encounters. A few stray texts. An incomplete Facebook profile.

As the year progresses, everybody - the narrators, the cheerleaders, the football players, the parents, the teachers, the principal, the Reverend - tries to cobble together a version of this girl. The new girl. Carolyn Lessing.

And it's not clear if they even really want to know the truth - or if they'd rather believe some truths and not others, swallow some lies and then go on and invent some more. The line between truth and fiction is hard to find. And they tell so many lies, to one another and themselves, it gets hard to keep track.

Do you remember that game you used to play at slumber parties? 5 Truths and a Lie? It was never an easy, and in Adamsville, it'd be impossible. But I thought we could try it out on me. To see how good a liar I am. Or not. we go...five truths and a lie...
  1. I still sleep with a security blanket (I am 36 years of age)
  2. I've been vegetarian since my 16th birthday
  3. I'm allergic to cats and nuts
  4. I can't ride a bike
  5. When I was seven, I told my first grade teacher my biggest fear was...FAILURE
  6. I have lived in Dublin, Ireland longer than I have lived anywhere else
Did you keep up? How good of a detective are you?

Because I can now reveal that Sarah's lie is...Number 2! She's not a vegetarian. Did she trick you?

Can I fool you too?

What am I lying about?
  1.  I am an introvert but I love meeting new people
  2.  I love my cat more than most people
  3.  Before I started my blog, I had to ask my brother's help with  anything computer related
  4.  I can play the saxophone, clarinet and mallet percussion  
  5.   I'm terrified of the ocean
  6.  I don't like shaking people's hands. At all. Ever. 

Thanks to Sarah Bannan and Bloomsbury Australia for having me on the blog tour! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Héloise || Interview

I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I was so excited to chat to Héloise was that she is from Tasmania, too! Although she's now moved to a city filled with more 24 hour pizza restaurants than a girl can count (or at least that's what I'm told), this folk songstress proudly hails from my own home state of Tasmania.

With the palest skin and a seriously angelic voice, this is someone to be listening to. Folk is a genre that I drift in and out of, but when it's right, it is just so delicious that I've got to stay. And, man, does Héloise get it right.

Fresh off the back of her major win in Melbourne Music Bank 2014, Héloise is ready to debut her new single This Is Home at The Workers Club Melbourne at the end of April. But before she takes to the stage, Héloise has shared a little bit about herself with Love 'Em!

Hey, I'm ...

You'd notice me because ... I am very pale and very ginger.

I'm a musician because ... I can't escape the urge to create.

I sound kind of similar to ... [I'm] not really sure.. I hope I sound like me!

I listen to ... Jack White, Tom Waits, The Delta Riggs, Butch Walker, Cory Chisel, Beck, Ryan Adams, [and] Nikki Lane.

I am most inspired by ... Tom Waits.

I'm from ... that beautiful little island down South.. Tasmania!

I left because ... I was itching to start my career on the mainland.

Now I live ... in Melbourne!

It's different to my home because ... it's bustling with people, cars, noise and so many 24hour pizza delivery places.

So far 2015 has ... brought me wonderful opportunities, new friends and exciting prospects.

At my shows you can expect ... to dance, dream, laugh and travel to faraway places.

Someday I want to headline ... Byron Bay Bluesfest .. (In my dreams!!)

I hope my music makes you ... feel as if you've been transported somewhere someplace else.

I most like singing when ... I'm with my wonderful band.. They know my songs better than I do!

The most important thing about music is ... to just keep doing it.

I wouldn't mind being mistaken for ... Ron Weasley?

I'm really grateful that ... there are so many 24hour pizza places in Melbourne.

My goal for the rest of 2015 is ... to release our second EP, tour Australia and write more songs!

One last note ... Pizza.