Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Metal is never perceived as fun' || Drown this Fury

Metal is, in my own experiences at least, an often isolating genre. Maybe because it is so unapologetically metal - heavy, fast and loud. But that's what I love about it, and Drown this Fury are proving why metal is really just a whole heap of (very loud) fun.

I've been loving your latest track Fracture; is this sound what fans should expect from the rest of your upcoming EP?
Fracture is actually one of the heavier songs from the EP. It has a few more more prog/genre-shift aspects to it. The whole EP has such an array of styles and sounds that it is difficult for us to suggest what to expect from it. Each song is unique, and even then each song will have unexpected twists to it.

Will you be performing Fracture at your upcoming shows?
Fracture is a very fun song for us to play, and it is always very well received. We will be giving it a bash at most shows for as long as the fans want it.

What's the most important aspect for you guys to completely nail in one of your songs? Is any part more important?
One of the most important parts for us to nail is for the song to feel like our own and not something which every band is doing. We like to keep it interesting and always twisting and turning.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about the metal genre?
That we are all 'hard' people. Sometimes we see bands take the stage with real aggression and people just assume that's what they are like in real life. Most of the metal genre is quite relaxed and fun-loving. It is our way to release our frustrations and have a good time with friends. The metal genre is never perceived as it really is - FUN.