Thursday, November 26, 2015

'Such a time in my life' || Shelley Segal

Shelley Segal is a singer that just keeps on writing things that people need to hear. Fresh from her massive American tour, Shelley has released the Background Noises, lifted from her Strange Feeling EP. The tune, which centres around a divorce is as vulnerable and heartfelt as they come.

With the grace and vocal ability of a true starlet, Shelley is someone you should've already heard by now.

Firstly, how are you feeling being back home after your massive tour in the US?
I'm feeling god, thanks for asking. It was a whirlwind tour - of three months - and I'm just starting to debrief. Eighteen states and a show in Canada as well. The day I got back we were moving house which didn't help with getting settled! Five days back and now the Aussie tour has started, so on to the next adventure. Basically, I feel like a rock star - who sits in economy and gets their sewing done on the plane home from a Perth show after being in town for five hours.

How did the tour pan out; did it run how you were planning?
I was very happy with the tour. It was my 9th US tour and we had a very busy schedule. All the shows went well - [we had] some technical problems at a couple [of the] shows but I appreciate the confidence that comes from learning to roll with it and how to make the best of those situations where conditions are less than ideal. I had sound problems at a conference on my last tour and I felt like I could have handled it better - by somehow still entertaining people while they were waiting. So this time, when we had sound issues at a show in Arlington, Texas, I walked around in the audience with my acoustic [guitar] and played songs to the tables. I was happy to be seeing early audiences and fans and also to be making new ones.

How did the American audiences treat you compared to your Australian ones?
I find my American audience to be a bit more forward than my audiences at home. [Having] people clapping in the middle of my stories when they hear an idea that resonates is something really cool that I haven't experienced at home. But then [there are] more confident hecklers, too.

Your latest track, Background Noises, is a vulnerable song, what was it like writing about such a sensitive subject?
I've gone through some painful breakups in my life but the relationships weren't as long or as committed as the one I was exploring. Being in a long term relationship now - made it easier to imagine and it seems incredibly painful and scary. But still there is that element of hope - of forward momentum, of maintaining autonomy even when it feels as though life and change happen to you.

I know that the divorce inspired this track happened to your close friends, how did they feel about you writing this song?
It's hard not to feel a little presumptuous writing about other people's lives. We've spoken about it and though I can't speak for anyone but myself, I know I like having songs that tell my stories so I hope that sentiment is shared. It's nice to have space to reflect on what has happened in your life and to see a path for being productive out of pain. I would hope it could be that for them, too.

Why did you feel it was a song that needed to be written?
It was just such a strong imagery that came into my mind. Sometimes I feel like I write songs about difficult things before they happen to me. I have songs that talk about death and loss that I am yet to face. When I was a kid I used to hide things for my future self that I thought I might need one day. Maybe this is my way of facing or preparing for such a time in my own life. [It's] a way to make it seem manageable.





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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Metal is never perceived as fun' || Drown this Fury

Metal is, in my own experiences at least, an often isolating genre. Maybe because it is so unapologetically metal - heavy, fast and loud. But that's what I love about it, and Drown this Fury are proving why metal is really just a whole heap of (very loud) fun.

I've been loving your latest track Fracture; is this sound what fans should expect from the rest of your upcoming EP?
Fracture is actually one of the heavier songs from the EP. It has a few more more prog/genre-shift aspects to it. The whole EP has such an array of styles and sounds that it is difficult for us to suggest what to expect from it. Each song is unique, and even then each song will have unexpected twists to it.

Will you be performing Fracture at your upcoming shows?
Fracture is a very fun song for us to play, and it is always very well received. We will be giving it a bash at most shows for as long as the fans want it.

What's the most important aspect for you guys to completely nail in one of your songs? Is any part more important?
One of the most important parts for us to nail is for the song to feel like our own and not something which every band is doing. We like to keep it interesting and always twisting and turning.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about the metal genre?
That we are all 'hard' people. Sometimes we see bands take the stage with real aggression and people just assume that's what they are like in real life. Most of the metal genre is quite relaxed and fun-loving. It is our way to release our frustrations and have a good time with friends. The metal genre is never perceived as it really is - FUN.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

"I just really like performing" || Montaigne

Back in June, I posted one of my personal favourite interviews with the talented Montaigne.

And now I'm lucky enough to host the Harry Potter obsessed singer again. As always, with her own personal flair, Montaigne has dished on self-confidence, her prolific song writing, and being an introverted extrovert. 

Clip My Wings has only been out for a short amount of time; what's the reaction been like?
Almost unanimously positive it seems! At least, I don't see the negative comments. They really don't matter, either way. The only thing I care to hear is anything that is constructive. It's already hit 36,000 listens on Spotify and over 10,000 on SoundCloud and Triple J are spinning it like crazy! I'm quite happy about all that.*

What about your reaction; how did you feel when you realised you had your next single?
We actually had three songs that could have been solid singles. I write quite prolifically, so you'd think that at least one of the 150 or so songs and songlets I've written so far would result in something viable for radio (I say this without trying to sound arrogant). Tony and I worked on about eight or nine songs together over two weeks, some were co-writes and some were originals or mine that we explored in pre-production. So we didn't even explore the grand majority of the songs I've already written, and two of three of potential singles were co-writes!

The song has a strong message behind it. Do you set out to write these tracks or do they just come to you when you start?
They come to me. This son's inception was swift and violent of emotion - I came into the studio very indignant about something that day, which I ranted about to Tony before we started, and which I wrote the first verses and chorus about in under half an hour. Often, periods of intense emotion are what are most conductive to good songwriting for me. The more I feel a song's subject matter, the better the song tends to be in almost all regards.

You've said that you're better now at standing for your own beliefs. How has being in the music industry affected your perception of yourself?
I wonder a lot about who I am, and why it is I think the way I think or behave the way I do. Interestingly, being in this industry has affirmed some qualities in me which are contrary to conventions found in this this [music] industry of ours. For example, I rarely drink alcohol and take no drugs, and that subsequently affects my enjoyment level of clubbing and loud parties where you cannot understand what anyone is saying (enjoyment level = zero). I suppose it has not affected my perception of myself, but rather clarified it. I am a health freak, an introverted extrovert, a lover of music, food and people, and every experience I have had in the industry has resulted in this realisation.

Is it nerve-wracking to perform your songs live after writing and recording in relative privacy?
Not at all. I love performing. I love telling people all the private things that have happened to me without actually telling them. I love singing and I love [singing] in a space that gives you all kinds of creative freedom (the stage, that is).

Have you ever written a song that just feels too private to share with your audience?
Not really. I never convey things in a blunt and direct way. If I were Severus Snape and I were writing a song, I wouldn't say 'the eyes of the child of my dead infatuation look exactly like those of my dead infatuation'. I'm a little more poetic than that, a little more ambiguous, a little more metaphorical. Or at least I try to be. But for that reason, what is private still remains secret, really. It's just been dressed up for the public.

You've had a heap of success on your recent supporting gigs, how are you feeling in the lead up to your own shows?
Pretty excited! I just really like performing, if people don't come don't come to my shows I'll be happy to get up on stage and do my thing. But it's still much better to be doing my thing to people who will happily receive the thing, and reflect the good vibes the thing is creating back at me. Point is, I'll be excited either way, but sold out [shows] would be like an amp with a volume range that reaches 11, rather than the standard 10.

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* Number of hits are accurate to the time of interview

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans

I'm sure by now that everyone has seen at least one of the 'Only 90s kids' understand..' posts on the internet. Recently, being born in the 1990s has been regarded as an exclusive club, but really the glory of the 90s should keep on keeping on. Although there are definitely some aspects of the decade that are more than welcome to stay firmly in the past, the music of the 90s is something I personally am happy to see continued well beyond it's usual welcomed time frame.

Dance, pop, house, electro, and pop-punk were all massive in the 90s, but, in my personal opinion, the real king of the era was grunge. And A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are keeping it alive in very fine style.

With their own unique take on riff-heavy, easy-listening rock, these guys have been fine tuning their craft locally, with countless live show performances already under their belts. Delivering recognisable sounds every time, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are known on the Victorian music scene for always showing up with earnest music and seriously hipster moustaches.

Following on from the success of their debut Ep Juan, Two, Three, Four, their latest track, Rattle My Cage which debuted on YouTube 18th November, is another feather in the cap of this talented quartet. A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are playing Yah Yah's on the 5th December, where they will also be launching a 7" vinyl for Rattle My Cage.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This is the formula to dance || Nakatomi

Drenched in 1980s pop culture, thoroughly soaked in dance beats, and with a touch of Japanese inspiration, Nakatomi is the gifted musical duo you didn't realise your life was missing.

The Adelaide-locals have offered up a brand-new dance track that doesn't shy away from 80s influence or synth-laden beats. And there are no complaints from this girl! Accompanied by a 1980s movie-inspired sci-fi clip, Nakatomi have created a fresh take on the dance groove of decades unfortunately past. 

The Knife is about the downward spiral of bad experiences or relationships, but choosing to see some beauty in the fall rather than getting consumed by it,” says lead vocalist, Emily of the group's latest offering The Knife.

What is it about the 1980s that inspires you so much? Have you ever loved a generation musically as much as the 80s?
It's a decade of just crazy excess in every regard; particularly in production. When you hear those tracks they're just jam packed with different parts, sounds, beats and melodies. It was sort of like they went 'this is the formula to get people to dance' and most kids from the 80s and 90s grew up hearing those songs and that sound taps into something. We also really love the 90s - most of the bands we used to play in were grungy-Smashing-Pumpkins-style acts so we have a huge love for that era as it's what we grew up on. [We're] also a big fan fan of the last few years. [There's been] some really diverse and interesting tracks coming out from all over the place.

Where would you draw the line on a 1980s influence, when do you think it becomes dated rather than fresh with a hint of vintage?
I think it starts getting dated when you hit the cheese parts of the 80s like Spandau Ballet True. Don't get me wrong, we love that 80s sound and we even love Spandau Ballet, but that sound is just too locked in that decade for today's music. You've got to find what you like from the times that inspire you and use that to create something new. What we got from the 80s was that energy. We want something that you can dance to, something fun.

I know Nakatomis has a pretty sweet meaning in Japanese, do either of you have any personal connections to Japan?
Nah, not personally sadly, because it's a beautiful county. I went there for a visit in June this year, but the only thing I've got a connection with now [are] the blisters on my feet from not sitting down for two weeks. I'd love to play some shows there one day; the electronic music scene seems awesome [there].

Were you surprised at how much hard work people were willing to put into the clip for The Knife?
Absolutely. We're always surprised when anyone goes 'We want to help you do this', especially when the people that say that are ridiculously talented. It was so awesome of the whole cast and they just came through with the goods and then some. When Aaron said 'I want to do a 80s sci-fi trailer style thing with guns and time travel and robots', I thought you realise we can only pay you in sandwiches, a used napkin and four buttons... but her just went for it and did such an amazing job. We ended up throwing in another button because it was that good.

What is The Knife really about? What do you hope people take away from the track?
Em's the lyricist, but the song is about when you're down and hurting there's that moment where you embrace it and think it's going to be okay. I just thought it was about medieval flutes because I thought she was The Fife when I first heard it.. I was very wrong. I hope when people listen to it they just enjoy the track and get whatever they want out of it. That's what I love about music; one person can get something completely different from a track from the next person. My only hope is that they get whatever they need from it and also maybe a little dance out of it. Or at least a pelvic thrust.



Friday, November 13, 2015

Who Is Your Heart Beating For || John Lingard

With a whole lot of bass and guitar, this is the quiet underdog of love songs. 

Lifted from his EP Taxi Home & Takeaway, John Lingard's latest single Who Is Your Heart Beating For is another of his signature ballads. But for someone whose been performing acoustic-based tracks since 2009, it's a true talent to continue making music that's fresh.

Set to a stunning roadtrip music video, this is a song you'd play up loud with the windows down. It's ultimately a feel good song, which is refreshing in a world with so many sad breakup tracks.

A tale of young love and life memories, John has produced a song that feels both deeply personal and general enough to also be incredibly accessible.

And I seriously want to go on a roadtrip now.

Sunday 6th December (Matinee Show) – The Worker’s Club (Single Launch), 
Melbourne, VIC W/ Thando + Heloise 
Tickets available at | 18+ only

Thursday, November 12, 2015

All these Angels and Devils || Bernie

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Bernie has just released her debut single Angels and Devils, lifted from her upcoming EP Amborella.

With a truly unique vocal ability, Bernie is an easily recognisable sound. And one that is just as easy to listen to. Eerily sweet and soft like silk, this is a girl who knows what works for her voice.

The upcoming EP is set to let Bernie's stellar lyricist shine, but this is equally true for Angels and Devils, which tells the story of heartbreak and healing. It's the type of song that makes you realise why songs are counted as storytelling.

The raw emotion, coupled with both outstanding instrumental and vocal control makes way for a single debut that would easily make your mother proud. And your dad. And your pet goldfish. And your grade 3 teacher. And you.

Bernie has delivered a standard that seems hard to match, but if anyone can better it, it's herself.

Saturday 9th January – The Grace Darling, Melbourne, VIC
W/ Supports TBA
Tickets available at | 18+ only

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fresh Face || Rachel Costanzo

Starting her YouTube channel at the tender age of twelve, Rachel Costanzo is already producing songs that would fit comfortably among the most recognised artists today.

Rachel has the absolute gift of a voice that is wise beyond her years and deceptively powerful for someone so young. Couple that with lyrics that will easily resonate with anyone who has toughed out a hard relationship before, this is a girl who knows what works and what doesn't. And, of course, she's going full throttle with the previous.

Miles Away
 is a different sound for this genuinely up-tempo songstress. But producing something that shows off your vocal ability (especially if you can sing like Rach) is a super smart move. And, as a fan, it's always nice when an artist mixes it up. 

A complete gem of a track.

Your newest single Miles Away has recently dropped, how are you feeling now everyone gets to hear your hard work?
The feeling is incredible, I have spent countless hours and sleepless nights on this song and to hear everyone's positive feedback is just the best feeling in the world!

Is it scary releasing new music or are you just excited?
I get a little nervous before I release anything but other than those little nerves, it's just excitement!

What was the launch party like? Was this your first one?
The launch party for Miles Away was PERFECT! I didn't expect that sort of outcome and the numbers of people that showed up. I have never had a launch night for any of my singles, so this definitely took my breath away.

I hear your YouTube channel is growing all the time, is this something you want to keep or will where you share your music change in the future?
I started posting YouTube videos when I was around twelve years old and it's something that I still do to this very day. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it or stop.

Miles Away is a bit of new sound for you, why the change up?
I've always released upbeat dance songs, so this year I really wanted to show off my vocals and the beautiful storyline [and] melody of this song and really get the audience to connect with me.

Do you think you've found your genre now, or will it keep changing?
I have not found my genre. I know I love singing ballads, but I also love pop songs, so I guess my genre will keep forever changing.

Thanks for stopping by Love 'Em!
Thanks for having me!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to her Kingdom || Evangeline Review

"Think Lorde meets Lana Del Ray."

Her debut in early 2015 was to tremendous success and a whole lot of music love for this talented songstress. While you probably wouldn't guess it from her style, the outstanding vocal ability of Evangeline is thanks to her years of classical singer.

Her latest track My Kingdom is a glitchy, electro filled tune pumped to capacity with some serious vocal chops. The slightly moody, ever-so-angst-filled lyrics are from a place of really knowing what being a teenager is like. There is a true authenticity to this track, all bundled up in a five star song.

Already on rotation on stations such as Triple J, this born and raised Victorian is making a definite impression on the Aussie music scene. And with a track like My Kingdom Evie has announced her permanent place there. This is a track to put on repeat. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

To Die For Swimwear || Promo Code

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Founded in 2011, in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, this is a swimwear range that believes in health and having bikinis that fit you. YOU should never have to fit the bikini!

And they put their money where their mouth is, because these lovely lasses actively support eating disorder foundations. Kudos ladies!!

So I've got a little early Christmas for all you swimwear lovers, who, like me, can never have enough bikinis. And because these cute bathers are made in Sweden, international shipping can be kind of seriously expensive. But I've got the solution! 

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Make a Dream Reality || Bernadine

Bernadine is proof that those who do their homework come out on top.

A university educated musician, Bernadine knows her stuff and, man, is it obvious in the music. Filled breathtaking violin and that sensational voice, Bernadine is the hardworking poster child for chasing your dreams. You might not have heard of her before, but take note, because you don't want to forget a talent like B's.

You only debuted last year, what was happening for you before you came on to the music scene?
I had been working full time as a contemporary musician, performing as a soloist and in bands in Perth, I was also at university studying classical music performance. Both my job and study influenced me greatly and nurtured me to develop the confidence to create my own music and put together a show that reflected me as an artist. I have the pleasure of working with so many brilliant Perth musicians in the scene and I owe them so much as their abilities and dedication to music inspire me daily.

I'm a big fan of your new I Don't Mind film clip! Were you happy with the end result?
The clip is, in my opinion, perfect! To be honest my videographer, Corey James, and I were just having fun and letting it flow. There was no clear story board; we actually made up the story as we went along and so it is actually a reflection of a moment of thought happening at the time of filming. On a different day it could have turned out completely different. I am so proud of it as my first music video as it is visually spectacular with a great story.

Your self-titled album was only released this year, but what's the reaction been like so far?
The reaction has been mind blowing. It has shown me that I have so much support from family, friends and fans and they give me words of encouragement daily, for which I am so thankful. Releasing the album also was a gateway into a new world for me. I felt like I was finally in the music game and with this release I am able to apply for festivals and opportunities. It is my dream to play at Glastonbury and Coachella one day so I want to play at as many small and large music festivals so I can build my audience and work my way towards this dream. Making this dream a reality requires so much from me but I am not holding back from working towards it, I am already planning my next tour and a new release for 2017. I am really proud of my current release, it is on rotation on hundreds of local radio stations around the globe. From here I am looking to get more mainstream radio [airplay] (Triple J, Double J, BBC Radio 1), [but] I am giving myself a few years of hard work to get this kind of airplay. Watch this space!

I know you have a few festival dates secured, what's the attraction for these sorts of shows for you?
[A]ny kind of opportunity like this is important as it allows you to showcase your music to the locals in your area, gain new fans, meet new musicians and just increase your presence overall. I also feel it is really important to have local support in artistic endeavours. It creates a sense of home and ownership to the journey. No matter how large this project may get, I will always call Perth home and be thankful that this city embraced me as an artist and allowed me to just be me.

Sunday November 15th – White Star Hotel, Albany, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Thursday November 19th – The Freemasons Hotel, Geraldton, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Friday November 20th – Bar Indigo, Rockingham, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Sunday November 22nd – Divers Tavern, Broome, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Thursday November 26th – Indi Bar, Scarborough, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Friday November 27th – Jimmy’s Den, Peth, WA
Tickets available at door | 18+ only