Monday, November 9, 2015

Fresh Face || Rachel Costanzo

Starting her YouTube channel at the tender age of twelve, Rachel Costanzo is already producing songs that would fit comfortably among the most recognised artists today.

Rachel has the absolute gift of a voice that is wise beyond her years and deceptively powerful for someone so young. Couple that with lyrics that will easily resonate with anyone who has toughed out a hard relationship before, this is a girl who knows what works and what doesn't. And, of course, she's going full throttle with the previous.

Miles Away
 is a different sound for this genuinely up-tempo songstress. But producing something that shows off your vocal ability (especially if you can sing like Rach) is a super smart move. And, as a fan, it's always nice when an artist mixes it up. 

A complete gem of a track.

Your newest single Miles Away has recently dropped, how are you feeling now everyone gets to hear your hard work?
The feeling is incredible, I have spent countless hours and sleepless nights on this song and to hear everyone's positive feedback is just the best feeling in the world!

Is it scary releasing new music or are you just excited?
I get a little nervous before I release anything but other than those little nerves, it's just excitement!

What was the launch party like? Was this your first one?
The launch party for Miles Away was PERFECT! I didn't expect that sort of outcome and the numbers of people that showed up. I have never had a launch night for any of my singles, so this definitely took my breath away.

I hear your YouTube channel is growing all the time, is this something you want to keep or will where you share your music change in the future?
I started posting YouTube videos when I was around twelve years old and it's something that I still do to this very day. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it or stop.

Miles Away is a bit of new sound for you, why the change up?
I've always released upbeat dance songs, so this year I really wanted to show off my vocals and the beautiful storyline [and] melody of this song and really get the audience to connect with me.

Do you think you've found your genre now, or will it keep changing?
I have not found my genre. I know I love singing ballads, but I also love pop songs, so I guess my genre will keep forever changing.

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