Friday, November 13, 2015

Who Is Your Heart Beating For || John Lingard

With a whole lot of bass and guitar, this is the quiet underdog of love songs. 

Lifted from his EP Taxi Home & Takeaway, John Lingard's latest single Who Is Your Heart Beating For is another of his signature ballads. But for someone whose been performing acoustic-based tracks since 2009, it's a true talent to continue making music that's fresh.

Set to a stunning roadtrip music video, this is a song you'd play up loud with the windows down. It's ultimately a feel good song, which is refreshing in a world with so many sad breakup tracks.

A tale of young love and life memories, John has produced a song that feels both deeply personal and general enough to also be incredibly accessible.

And I seriously want to go on a roadtrip now.

Sunday 6th December (Matinee Show) – The Worker’s Club (Single Launch), 
Melbourne, VIC W/ Thando + Heloise 
Tickets available at | 18+ only