Saturday, November 21, 2015

"I just really like performing" || Montaigne

Back in June, I posted one of my personal favourite interviews with the talented Montaigne.

And now I'm lucky enough to host the Harry Potter obsessed singer again. As always, with her own personal flair, Montaigne has dished on self-confidence, her prolific song writing, and being an introverted extrovert. 

Clip My Wings has only been out for a short amount of time; what's the reaction been like?
Almost unanimously positive it seems! At least, I don't see the negative comments. They really don't matter, either way. The only thing I care to hear is anything that is constructive. It's already hit 36,000 listens on Spotify and over 10,000 on SoundCloud and Triple J are spinning it like crazy! I'm quite happy about all that.*

What about your reaction; how did you feel when you realised you had your next single?
We actually had three songs that could have been solid singles. I write quite prolifically, so you'd think that at least one of the 150 or so songs and songlets I've written so far would result in something viable for radio (I say this without trying to sound arrogant). Tony and I worked on about eight or nine songs together over two weeks, some were co-writes and some were originals or mine that we explored in pre-production. So we didn't even explore the grand majority of the songs I've already written, and two of three of potential singles were co-writes!

The song has a strong message behind it. Do you set out to write these tracks or do they just come to you when you start?
They come to me. This son's inception was swift and violent of emotion - I came into the studio very indignant about something that day, which I ranted about to Tony before we started, and which I wrote the first verses and chorus about in under half an hour. Often, periods of intense emotion are what are most conductive to good songwriting for me. The more I feel a song's subject matter, the better the song tends to be in almost all regards.

You've said that you're better now at standing for your own beliefs. How has being in the music industry affected your perception of yourself?
I wonder a lot about who I am, and why it is I think the way I think or behave the way I do. Interestingly, being in this industry has affirmed some qualities in me which are contrary to conventions found in this this [music] industry of ours. For example, I rarely drink alcohol and take no drugs, and that subsequently affects my enjoyment level of clubbing and loud parties where you cannot understand what anyone is saying (enjoyment level = zero). I suppose it has not affected my perception of myself, but rather clarified it. I am a health freak, an introverted extrovert, a lover of music, food and people, and every experience I have had in the industry has resulted in this realisation.

Is it nerve-wracking to perform your songs live after writing and recording in relative privacy?
Not at all. I love performing. I love telling people all the private things that have happened to me without actually telling them. I love singing and I love [singing] in a space that gives you all kinds of creative freedom (the stage, that is).

Have you ever written a song that just feels too private to share with your audience?
Not really. I never convey things in a blunt and direct way. If I were Severus Snape and I were writing a song, I wouldn't say 'the eyes of the child of my dead infatuation look exactly like those of my dead infatuation'. I'm a little more poetic than that, a little more ambiguous, a little more metaphorical. Or at least I try to be. But for that reason, what is private still remains secret, really. It's just been dressed up for the public.

You've had a heap of success on your recent supporting gigs, how are you feeling in the lead up to your own shows?
Pretty excited! I just really like performing, if people don't come don't come to my shows I'll be happy to get up on stage and do my thing. But it's still much better to be doing my thing to people who will happily receive the thing, and reflect the good vibes the thing is creating back at me. Point is, I'll be excited either way, but sold out [shows] would be like an amp with a volume range that reaches 11, rather than the standard 10.

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* Number of hits are accurate to the time of interview