Friday, November 20, 2015

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans

I'm sure by now that everyone has seen at least one of the 'Only 90s kids' understand..' posts on the internet. Recently, being born in the 1990s has been regarded as an exclusive club, but really the glory of the 90s should keep on keeping on. Although there are definitely some aspects of the decade that are more than welcome to stay firmly in the past, the music of the 90s is something I personally am happy to see continued well beyond it's usual welcomed time frame.

Dance, pop, house, electro, and pop-punk were all massive in the 90s, but, in my personal opinion, the real king of the era was grunge. And A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are keeping it alive in very fine style.

With their own unique take on riff-heavy, easy-listening rock, these guys have been fine tuning their craft locally, with countless live show performances already under their belts. Delivering recognisable sounds every time, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are known on the Victorian music scene for always showing up with earnest music and seriously hipster moustaches.

Following on from the success of their debut Ep Juan, Two, Three, Four, their latest track, Rattle My Cage which debuted on YouTube 18th November, is another feather in the cap of this talented quartet. A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are playing Yah Yah's on the 5th December, where they will also be launching a 7" vinyl for Rattle My Cage.