Friday, October 23, 2015

'A quality we needed' || Tim Wheatley Interview

Having recently wrapped a national tour, releasing an album and the lead single Valerie, Tim Wheatley proves exactly how much work there is in being a professional muso.

Valerie, which was written after Tim read the novel Delinquent Angel, about a Melbourne poet, Shelton Lea, has a stunning video clip attached. Shot in Hollywood and starring Packed To The Rafters and The Vow's Jessica McNamee, Tim says the aim was for a clip that was clean and simple.

“We all agreed that our good friend Jessica would be perfect for the role of Valerie and placed a fair bit of pressure on her to deliver the story, which I think she did beautifully.  We wanted something clean and simple, but with a sense of nostalgia.”

So firstly, how's tour life treating you?
Tour life has been a blast so far. Although these coastal tours are always a little more fun during hte summer months!

I hear that your latest track, Valerie, is based on a novel, how did that work for you?
I felt a little more pressure to do the song justice as it's about someone I admire so I wanted to do it well. That someone is also an incredibly talented writer that could have probably written it better.

What is the story Valerie is based upon?
It's about a Melbourne based poet by the name of Shelton Lea, who was adopted into the 'Darryl Lea' chocolate family. Shelton was a charismatic, charming and creative kid being brought up by an otherwise conservative mother Valerie. When I play this song live I feel compelled to tell the story beforehand, as otherwise it sounds like just another broken-down love song, which it is to a degree, but between mother and son.

You filmed the video clip for this tune in Hollywood, why the decision to produce it in America?
I have been living there for a couple of years now. Ideally I would have come back [to Australia] and shot the clip here in Melbourne where the story took place, but [I] couldn't afford that luxury. Our hands were bound by the tyranny of distance.

I think that we can all agree that Jessica McNamee just made the clip more stunning, what made her the perfect Valerie for the video?
Mac is one of my best friends, and whilst being one of the sweetest people in the world, she has the ability to shoot you a look that absolutely terrifies you. That was going to be a quality we needed for Valerie.

What can we expect from the rest of the album? Are there any more novel-turned-songs?
I used Cast of Yesterday as the album title because it really is based around just that - the people that have shaped the last few years for me. Good and bad. I have done a lot of travelling recently and met some very colourful people along the way that influenced this album.

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