Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When The Storms Would Come || Holy Holy review

Music lovers and everybody in general take note!:
This Is A Masterpiece. 

With their debut LP, Holy Holy have crafted a poetic yet guitar-riff-heavy offering that is sure to stand the test of time. In a world that relies heavily on manufactured music (not that there is anything at all wrong with that) it's an ode to everyone involved in When The Storms Would Come's creation that this holds on to the old school; simplicity, honesty and some seriously catchy tunes.

WTSWC wastes no time getting down to business; the first track, Sentimental and Monday, is the opener of all openers. A mood-setter that hooks from the opening chords. The simplicity of its lyrics - 'darkness is nothing but a lack of light' - too, makes an easy song to listen to but not one you want to miss.

The second track, Outside of the Heart of It, is undoubtedly a personal favourite. Getting the rock/indie mash-up just right is no easy feat for an album, and this tune sums it all up perfectly. It sounds almost like a tribute to Boy & Bear's Feeding Line but manages to be uniquely Holy Holy all at once. Quite a feat, really.

Ending with tenth track, The Crowd, easily the most ballad-like on the LP, Holy Holy wind things up without winding anything down. It's the perfect choice of encore; The Crowd holds its own as a finale track and pulls on just the right heart-strings.

Holy Holy's When The Storms Would Come is not an album that has wasted space. You won't find any tracks that haven't earned their place here; instead it's song after brilliant song and, honestly, it's one of those albums that makes me hit replay before I've finished once. I typically think of indie music as a summer thing - the whole Australian lazy afternoon in the sun. But I'm listening to this on a horrifically miserable day and it fits just as nicely.

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