Monday, August 31, 2015

twelvefour || The Paper Kites Review

It really is a talent to grow. There is something extra special about people who recognise the time and place for re-emerging, not completely changed but...more. And The Paper Kites have seized that scope of cocoon-to-butterfly and re-tuned it into songs. More specifically, the album twelvefour.

It was wild to write until you are so tired that nothing sounded too over-worked – songs didn't feel restricted by a commonly analytical brain. This record is the sound of five people trying to make something they're proud of... And we really are.”

The album opens with a quiet bang of sorts. It's not an explosion, but a coloured firework of musical goodness. Electric Indigo was the ideal choice for the opening gig; just different enough but keeping true to The Paper Kites signature. Truly a tune to sink your teeth into, I could write another three posts on this track alone. I don't like to play favourites but this was so good that I nearly wanted to just listen to that track. Over and over and over again.

twelvefour doesn't have a wind-down; there is no slow drag to the finish line here. The concluding track, Too Late, should never be thought of as being in last place; instead a tune just as strong that's earned its place as the encore track. And trust me, if you were at a concert, you'd cheer for this one to played.

I started panicking about halfway through, when I realised that the album wasn't going to last forever. This was an album that made my life happier. People talk about music a lot as this mood-changing thing, and twelvefour is a prime example of that. If you need a break for a little while, this is the LP I'd recommend. It's what I'll be telling my friends about and it's what you should share with yours, too.

Much like a good book, this is the sort of world you'd be happy to get lost in. And I almost didn't come back.