Friday, July 31, 2015

Future Drunk (Klue Remix) || MOTIONER Review

If you're looking for a track of some profound message then Motioner's Future Drunk probably isn't the song for you. Or if there is a hidden meaning in there somewhere I can't hear it at least. But if you need a tune to blast out on a roadtrip or as a beat in the background during your every day, then this is absolutely the one for you.

The indie/electro outfit's latest, remixed (by Klue) offering is the perfect mix of beat and melody that allows it to fit in to almost any setting. Something of a musical chameleon maybe. Or maybe I just like chameleons. But there is no doubting that this isn't a track you should skip if it came on shuffle.

It's always hard to write about electro - even with the softness of indie that this tune offers up - possibly because it's a lot of computer-y type sounds and things that I don't know how to word without ending up saying "I really like the bit with the buzzes and the dooo in the background". Or something like that. Having said that though, I am a massive fan of remixed music. There are many songs that I love as a remix but can't stand as the original. I enjoy the original Future Drunk, but there is no doubt that I would listen to the remix any day.

Listen to the song. You'll love it too.

You can download the track HERE.