Friday, August 28, 2015

I Tried Really Hard To Think Of A Pun || Red Beard

One thing great thing about Australia is the amount of new bands breaking into the music scene; no matter what genre there is rarely a shortage of something fresh to blast. Red Beard doesn't fit in to one genre, but it definitely fits in to this category.

Hailing from Gympie, these indie/electro/heavy rock checked all the boxes for amazing music and then kept writing outside the lines. A force to be reckoned with and absolutely one to watch; meet Red Beard.

So I've got to ask about the band name. How many did you go through before you settled with Red Beard?
In actual fact, the name was the first thing to come and was decided on even before we had written a single son.

Hells Gate is a seriously cool track, what was it like writing and recording this one?
Thank you. It's funny how the songs you're most proud of usually take the least amount of time or effort. Hells Gate for example came together really fast, once the idea was loosely there we didn't waste any time in getting into the studio to track it out.

What's the song's story? Why was Hells Gate written?
I wrote the song in Brisbane when I was staying there for some time with friends. Being from a small town I couldn't help but notice how detached we are from one another, it seems as though the more people you have in one place the more alone they will all feel.

From the video clip synth playing looks like quite a workout! Should fans expect similar at a live show?
Haha YES! For sure, Reece is switched onto full octane always!

What's like performing in a music clip compared to performing the song in a live show?
I guess it's kinda the same, [the] biggest difference is live you play the song once; in a video shoot it's closer to 1000 times.

How much input did you guys have into the video?
Well [collectively] we as a band pitched the idea to Red Boss, and honestly what they delivered [from that] was far beyond our expectations.

Were you happy with the result? Would you change anything about it?
Very happy with the result, I really don't think I'd change anything; I can't wait to work with the guys again in the future for many more clips!

What's next for Red Beard? What should we expect in the future?
We are planning to be on the road as much as possible; [we're] trying to get to every square inch of this great southern land! We are touring with The Getaway Plan next month, so jump on the socials to check out the dates!