Friday, August 14, 2015

Secret Agent Man || Jackie Brown Jr

Self-described as 'musical soup' Jackie Brown Jr is the fresh face of mixed-genre banding. With a core of soul and R&B, with a sprinkling of Hip Hop too, these five talents are set to blow you away with their latest track Secret Agent Man.

And the music clip isn't half bad either.

So to start, where did the band Jackie Brown Jr come from, how did you become the group we know today?
Maddy: It started from a few different people jamming over some songs I had been writing and then it was Rhyan, Michael, Gideon and Ben just jamming over some songs. I think we all just kept having a good time so we kept going.

What about the name; is there a story behind it or did you just like the sound?
Maddy: One day I was sitting at my desk and it just came to me and popped right into my head. I think it has a pretty god ring to it.

Your music doesn't seem to stick to just one genre, but do you have a favourite vibe to work with?
Gideon: We seem to fall into a mixed groove of R&B and Soul when we're jamming, so we reckon that's definitely a core ingredient in our musical soup.
Maddy: Yeah, that's definitely a core part of it, but we seem to be doing a lot more Hip-hop, too.

What about to listen to; what's your favourite genre?
Rhyan: We don't have a favourite genre. We all come from different backgrounds and all of us being musically unique we bring something different to the table.

Tell me about the new video for Secret Agent Man, whose idea was it to produce something so tongue-in-cheek?
Maddy: I'm not really sure. I knew when we started to talk about doing a music video that I wanted some sort of girl power thing going on. The secret agent portrayed in the song is [a] real up himself, big-headed guy. I wanted to see him get his own, you know? I think that's kind of what started the tongue-in-cheek thing. But the rest is all from the brains of the director!

What's coming up next for Jackie Brown Jr?
Ben: A whole bunch of gigs! If you take a look at our Facebook page, you can get a comprehensive list of our upcoming shows.

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