Monday, August 24, 2015

"Like No Other Band" || At Fates.

Metal is one of those genres you either love or hate. My dad is Hate all over, I definitely lean more on the love side. And At Fates. has a lot to love. The perfect balance of clean and scream vocals is at the forefront, but it's the instrumentation that really steals the show. Heavy guitar riffs and some serious drumming is all on show with their new track Pointless Philosophy.

To celebrate the new tune and its ace new video, I had a chat with At Fates. drummer, Will, about filming, tour dates and writing more music.

So first, just to clear up any confusion, why the slight name change?
We had decided that with becoming a four-piece combined with the change in direction musically, that an evolution of the band name was also fitting. That being said, we did not want to change it so much that the band was no longer recognisable.

How much input do you all have into the film clip?
The band had long discussions within itself for concepts for the film clip, in which we attempted to tie in a concept from the song itself. In the end, it was [a] fairly collaborative effort between us, and Eli & Julia at Imagenel Productions. They did a great job.

I think the whole video looks pretty amazing, were you guys as happy with the result?
We are stoked with the end result considering how low our budget was. The shots of us playing live were filmed in the loft of my (Will's) family holiday shack at Victor Harbour (Coastal South Australia). I have so many cherished memories from that place as I have grown up. I am happy it is now 'immortalised on film' so to speak.

You've recently announced several July tour dates, what would a fan expect from an At Fates. show?
Definitely high energy! Benn brings his passion and maybe a few inspirational quotes from time to time. Jim brings flamboyancy and exceptional hair, meanwhile Ben and I just try and keep the other two in line (and time) really. Everybody knows the rhythm section of the band is the most important part of every band anyway, right?

Tell me about At Fates. in five words?
Sounds Like No Other Band.

How does it feel when you hear one of your songs on the radio?
Obviously it's a great feeling that the music we have put a great amount of time and money into is being played to a bunch of fresh ears on a platform that almost anyone can reach. If just one person gets amped on it, then that's a win for us.

Where's next for At Fates.? What can we expect now?
Once we wrap up this tour, we will start getting stuck into writing and finishing material for our new release. This is usually a fairly long process as ideas come and go, plus you could say that we (especially Jim) are perfectionists when it comes to writing. We have a few other things related and unrelated to that in the pipeline, so keep an eye on our Facebook/Website/Twitter pages and also our new website should [be] up and running soon. Very soon..

Thanks for stopping by Love 'Em!
Cheers heaps!

*Coming soon.

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