Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New York Fashion Week X Madeline Stuart

The world is pushing for new fashion icons, people we all can admire on the catwalk without feeling the need to diet or change to fit in. The plus-size movement is an example of this, Madeline Stuart is possibly an even greater one. The fiery red-head continues to break down barriers of what is and isn't beautiful; one photoshoot at a time.

Over 441,000 followers on Facebook and two major modelling contracts - one with luxury bag brand everMaya and the other with inclusive fitness gals Manifesta - Maddy is breaking into the industry at near breakneck speed. Plus, and perhaps the most historic, Maddy has been announced as the face of Glossigirl Cosmetics, the first person with down's syndrome ever to front a make up company. Nobody is surprised by the opportunities that come the way of this talented model, least of all her mother who recently gushed to Cosmo Magazine about her talented daughter.

Continuing to shift public perception of what 'disabled' means, Maddy's resumé continues to impress. Boasting shoots in Los Angeles, trending in magazines worldwide, as well as continuing to grow her social media empire, this is one 18-year-old that you need to keep an eye on.

On September 13, Maddy Stuart will be gliding down the New York Fashion Week catwalk for FTL Moda. It's everything little girls dream about, but Maddy is proving, yet again, that nothing should stop dreams from becoming a reality.