Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stonefield || More Than A Girl Band

I get on with my sister, I'm not going to lie. But touring and performing and hanging out all of the days of the week with her might be a stretch. Stonefield, however, draw on their blood relations to strengthen their rocking sound. Kudos to them!

Hailing from rural Victoria, these four sisters are as musically gifted and wardrobe enviable as gals come. Stonefield are breaking moulds, girls can rock out and living rurally isn't a setback at all.

Hey ladies, how's the tour going so far?
It's been amazing so far. We're so happy to be back on the road again after taking a bit of time to write our new record.

What's it like being on the road with each other, do you ever sneak away for some alone time?
I think being sisters it probably makes it easier to be around each other because we're so used to it. We all like sharing the same hotel room so we can hang out and share each others clothes. When we're feeling like some alone time we just chuck some headphones in!

What've the crowds been like so far? Is any city particularly loud?
The crowds have been really fun so far. We've been playing a lot of new songs on this tour so it [has] been cool to see how people react to them. Albury has been the craziest show so far..we still can't believe how and appreciative the crowd was. Regional shows always tend to be a bit louder than in major cities, but Albury surpassed anything we've experienced in a country town so far.

For anyone who mightn't be familiar with Stonefield, would you care to fill them in; what should we all know about the band?
We're a rock band from rural Victoria and have been playing together for about 10 years now. We're currently working on our second album, which seems to be taking more of a psychedelic sound as we are experimenting deeper into the spectrum of what rock music is.

What's your proudest moment as a band?
I think being asked to play Glastonbury [Music Festival] after our first gig at a festival in Perth [Western Australia] in 2010. It was such a surreal moment; I don't think we believed it was happening until we were on a plane heading to London.

I hear you gals have a new album coming out later this year, is there anything you can share at this stage?
We've been working on this album from the moment we finished our first one in 2013, so we've been through so many batches of songs and feel so happy with the point we've gotten to. We have explored each tune more deeply than ever before with sounds, lyrics and each little part that makes up a song. I think it is also much more of a journey than our previous releases as there is a lot more contrast between each song.

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