Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Definitely Not Garbage || Trash Vintage

Vintage clothing. Vintage clothing. Vintage clothing.

Byron Bay's Trash Vintage is the hotspot for everything vintage, everything cool, everything that alternative dressers could want in a store. Featuring a whole heap of major vintage designers, as well as emerging ones, Trash is the mishmash of fun clothes and fun people.

If you're nearby, make sure to pay a visit to Trash Vintage!

So let's start basic, when and how did Trash Vintage become a thing?
Trash started as a rack of vintage clothing out the back of a surf shop in Lennox and started gaining such popularity that people were come into the surf shop only for the vintage, so Trash then moved to Byron [Bay] into its own small, bright, cheery shop. This is Trash's second year being in Byron Bay and people are still discovering us and our treasures!

Which piece in stock is your current favourite?
I'm in love with the Mexican embroidery dresses and tops. I am very inspired by Frida Kahlo, [I] love anything floral and unique so to have a vintage Mexican piece is such a treat! I've put my favourite and the rarest piece on our website..

What draws people into Trash?
The energy!! We have the best vibes flowing out of our store, amazing positive fun people work here and life is [a] great adventure everyday. We have, I think, the most colourful, unusual store in Byron. You don't know what you will find in here; we stock unusual vintage and recycled designer pieces and local emerging designers are frequently showcased here. We know that people love looking for those hidden gems, so we have filled our shop with them!

Why do you love vintage clothing so much?
I think its important to be as sustainable as possible, so recycling clothing is a great way to start. I was brought up in op shop clothes and it taught me to find my own sense of style instead of what society thinks is a trend, which then gets mass produced. (Who wants to look the same?!) When you start wearing things that make you happy, whether [it's] a colour, a style or era, your world suddenly opens up and mixing things is an opportunity to express yourself and [it's] a form of art in itself! It's super fun playing dress-ups everyday! Tommy Franklin always says, "life's a catwalk babe, you gotta work it every day".

What's the most important thing I should know about Trash?
That it's a conglomerate of vintage + emerging designers and you never know what's going to be going on in store! We love to collab with many different creative [people] so we are always doing fun shoots [for example].

And most importantly, where can we find Trash if we want to stop by?
3/95 Jonson Street, Byron Bay. [We're] opposite Woolworths on the pedestrian crossing or [find us] online and instagram (trashbyronbay)!

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