Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Timothy Nelson & The Infidels

 I have rewritten this intro so many times, but really what can I say about the crazily talented Timothy Nelson & The Infidels.

Not one for playing by the rules, the band's music is loosely described as pop, and at best a kaleidoscope of cool.

It mightn't fit into a genre, but TM&TI have already found themselves a permanent position on my summer playlist.

Mahalia: So first up, can you tell me a bit about where the name Timothy Nelson & The Infidels came from?
Timothy: My parents are responsible for the first half, so you'd have to take that up with them. I took Infidels from a Bob Dylan album 'cause I liked the sound of it. The Infidelity aspect of the name fits in a way because we all play in about [a] million other bands.

M: Do you have a favourite song from your new album Terror Terror, Hide It Hide It?
T: My favourite at the moment is Do U Need It, the chords are a bit jazzy and it turns into a bit of a space jam towards the end. I realize I just made it sound terrible...go listen for yourself. I dig it.

M: You guys don't stick to just one genre, has there one that you've really enjoyed?
T: I don't really care for genres, it the songs are good then I'm into it. The same goes for writing and it does for what I listen to. I see us as a pop band because we basically make pop songs, but we don't have a specific set of rules as to how we arrange them.

M: Where are you hoping to go genre-wise next?T: I just want to write the best songs I can and the way they come out in the studio will be forever influenced by whatever trip I, and the band, are on. A bastardized version of my favourite records and theirs.

M: How does your writing process work? Especially considering that you aren't confined to a single genre?
T: Some songs just fall out of the sky, others take years. It can start anywhere really, be it a lyric or a some chords or just a short melody. The process of writing songs I find is so messy it's crazy to even call it a process.

M: What's coming up for the band in 2015?
T: We're going to keep playing shows far [and] wide, and always working on new material.

M: Do you guys believe in New Year's resolutions? If so are you planning any for Timothy Nelson & The Infidels?
T: I think the general consensus is to get less fit, take up smoking and spend more money when possible.

M: What's your personal favourite style of music to listen to?
T: Hits.

M: Current favourite song?
T: Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

S a y H e l l o !  http://www.tninfidels.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/TNInfidels