Friday, November 7, 2014

Killing Richard Dawson by Robin Baker

Title: Killing Richard Dawson
Author: Robin Baker
Source: Pantera Press for review
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"The phone rings. It's Jesus. I listen to him speak and then hang up..."

In this darkly comic, slow-burn thriller, reality is blurred...nothing can be taken for granted.

A gripping and poignant black comedy about love, friendship, booze, morality, death...and a generation's causal dissatisfaction with modern life. Sometimes, redemption lies in the darkest of places.

"You don't need to die to destroy yourself."

I loved this book from the first page. Actually before that. The author's bio in the back intrigued me so much that this had to be my first review book. Call me crazy maybe, but at least I didn't judge by the cover!

I loved the style of this book, you really felt like the story was happening around - and to - you. Which is always a huge positive for me. I felt that the author had done a great job of making realistic characters who actually act the supposed age! A huge turn-off for me when reading is if a character is too forced or just seems out of place, and this definitely didn't happen!

It's really hard to say too much about the protagonist without giving away a MAJOR plot point. I loved him and hated him in equal parts. For everything good he did, his lust for the character Jade annoyed me. I wasn't in support of that at all! Although Jade too wasn't off the hook in my eyes, I got really angry at the way she handled the events in the book; but even they were probably quite realistic reactions for many people. They certainly made for an interesting read.

The dynamics within the friendship group were a major point in the plot and the more strained they got, the better the book was to read! Everyone had their own part to play in the story and I still am wondering what happened to the few characters I felt didn't get a tidy ending.

Towards the middle of this book I nearly stopped ready, as it touches on some pretty hard subjects. As the title would suggest, murder, as well as drugs, eating disorders and some mild violence. I wouldn't recommend this book to a young reader or anyone who might find these topics too confronting.

All in all I really enjoyed this book! The ending left me so many questions, it was a bit like being hit in the chest actually. I enjoyed living in the world of Killing Richard Dawson for a few days. I hadn't read anything by Robin Baker before but I am going in search of his other book as soon as I can. I would recommend this to anybody who likes coming of age stories or crime/psych thrillers.