Friday, November 14, 2014

Better than Perfect by Simone Elkeles

Title: Better than Perfect
Author: Simone Elkeles
Source: Bloomsbury Publishing for review
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Ashtyn's life just got complicated. Her boyfriend is being distant and her sister's back at home after ten years - with a stepson in tow!

Derek has a perfect body, the sexiest smile and a car - Ashtyn's only way to escape from her crazy life. But Derek likes to play by his own rules and is keen to take Ashtyn on a ride she'll never forget. 

As they spend more and more time alone together, will Derek's flirty games drive Ashtyn wild? 

I'm going to be honest: I thought I wasn't going to like this book. But man, am I glad I stuck with it! I suppose even if it had been awful it only took me a day to read, so I wouldn't have been with it for long! Actually though, I really enjoyed Better than Perfect. It was cute and had just the right amount of romance-verse-other-plot-lines to be interesting, and obviously kept me reading till the very end.

The use of alternating perspectives between the two main characters (Derek and Ashtyn) was really effective here; although I have read many books where this type of writing falls flat and is just confusing. I felt that it added so much to this book. I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if it was from a solo point of view.

Having said that, I did get frustrated with Derek a fair few times throughout this book. He changed his mind so often that it made my head spin, but he grew on me throughout the book. By the end he had almost completely redeemed himself!

Ashtyn was a rock. She was one cool girl and I think so many teenagers could learn from her. I really admired her for working so hard for the things she wanted and for never backing down from a challenge. All these obstacles kept being thrown her way but she was never bitter and she ended up on top. I read a thing somewhere that talked about people who were just themselves and didn't really worry too much about fitting in to the 'right' group; Ashtyn was the embodiment of this. I really admire her.

Better than Perfect was such a surprise for me. It does cover some themes that probably aren't suitable for young readers. Aside from this I would recommend it to anyone really that just wanted a light book; this one doesn't require too much on the readers' part. Oh and obviously they've got to like romance. It was a cute book and I'm kicking myself for judging it in the beginning.

PS - This book smelt incredible. Kudos to Bloomsbury!