Friday, November 21, 2014

Ella Hooper

You might know her from the newest version of ABC's Spicks & Specks but Ella Hooper isn't just any TV captain, she's a mega-talented 90's inspired pop songstress in her own right.

On the brink of launching her first solo album ( Hooper is originally from Killing Heidi fame), Ella is preparing herself for what's to come.

A new direction and a new record (although I promise she's a lot more fun than the album might hint at) Ella Hooper is a name you should get familiar with.

Mahalia: Well first off congrats on your upcoming album In Tongues, it sounds incredible! What has the process been like for you doing a solo album?
Ella: Going solo was a long and complicated decision for me to make, and the recording process of the album mirrors that. It's taken an age but I've learned so so much, and now I see that these lessons have been invaluable.
There's been way more work and responsibility - but the rewards are amazing. I feel much more connected to the entire album, artwork, mixing track selection and feels good.

M: Do you have a favourite song off the album?
E:  Ooh that's hard! I'm proud of them all for different reasons...but Everything Was A Sign is a big ass ballad that holds a special place in my heart and seems to kick everyone right in the soft bits every time, so probably that one.

M: I've been saving this question for someone super cool! How do you choose the titles of your songs? Is this a part of your song writing or does it happen later?
E: Good question! I LOVE naming songs.
It used to be an after thought but now I see it as a real art. I often start with the title and if it's strong it can inform and direct the whole song. Lots of great song writers I know say it's a really important part of writing.
Plus you want to feel cool intro-ing the song live.

M: If you could play a show tomorrow, where would it be and who would be in the audience?
E: I'd like to play a lush over-grown Roman ruin type amphitheatre, lit with fairy lights, incorporating a 360 wine bar, to people, fairies, nymphs and satyrs sitting on tiered seating and pillows on the ground. A bit of a Midsummer Nights Dream fantasy gig, because why not?!

M: Who are you currently listening to?
E: I've been obsessed with Harry Belafonte for a couple of years now, but also the new Laura Jean record, Australia, is great, and Jack Ladders' new album Playmates is incredible. Also Tyrannamen are rocking my socks. I like to mix it up.

M: How would you describe yourself?
E: I'd call it sassy, spiky, heart felt, dark pop. 90s ethos with a 70s swagger. Apocapop.

M: How would you describe yourself?
E: I'm not as dark as my recent music. I think I'm actually pretty fun and funny, but I might be wrong about that last bit as most laughs I get are usually unintentional?!
But I don't mind.
I'm passionate. Enthusiastic. Hard working. If I like the job.

M: What are you hoping for In Tongues?
E:  Simply to start on the road to redefining myself as an artist (no biggie!) and to perhaps reach new listeners who might like this new stuff. I'd love to be able to grow people's understanding of me, musically. But it's hard. There's a lot of water under the bridge.

M: Do you have any hidden talents? Care to reveal one to us?
E: I'm very flexible? I have double jointed thumbs. Also, I was into 'twerking' way before it was cool, and then heinously uncool, as I used to study belly dancing and shaking your ass (and other bits) is a part of that discipline.

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