Friday, November 28, 2014

The Horns

A diverse mix or indie and rock, Daniel J.C. and Roy Amar, The Horns are an exciting new Melbourne offering.

Metalhead, multi-instrumentalist Amar and Electro/Rock 'n' Roll vocalist Daniel, mightn't seem like the right fit, but give it a listen and you'll see why opposites attract. It definitely works.

The Horns started as a playful joke and an indie-loving girlfriend in need of a break from metal, but it's grown to be amazing in its own right.

With their debut single having just been released and their debut EP looking very strong, it's about time you became acquainted with The Horns, don't you think?

Mahalia: Play With Fire is your single, what's the process been like for you guys?
Daniel: It's been amazing and unlike anything we've done before. We started this project with the overall goal to really perfect the recorded songs before anything else, which is sort of backwards to how we've done it in the past. It's always been write some songs, play some shows, record said songs so by the time your product is out there, your first impression has kind of been lost and you can become jaded by the project before you've even released a thing. This way, above all else, we've really worked on the recorded material and I think it really shows in the music.

 M: So it sounds like The Horns became a thing in quite an unusual way. Can you tell us about this?
D: Yeah, absolutely. I guess it came out of a need to try something completely new. Roy loves his metal [music] and I'm into all things electronic so we have never actually written pop music before, which I think is our biggest asset. It's still all so new to us and super exciting. The whole thing, funnily enough, started out as a bit of a joke. Roy, who had only ever written hard rock and metal songs, thought it would be funny to write a happy pop tune for his girlfriend, so he did. Unfortunately she loved it and wanted more so he kept going it all kinda spiralled from there.

M: How would you describe the music that you're making now?
D: It's always incredibly hard to describe the music you make but I'd say, it's pop music with a bit more substance I guess. I've always been really inspired by the darker, more sombre sides of life too so there is more than a little melancholy hidden beneath the romanticism and happiness of the songs.

M: Where are you hoping to go with this new project?
D: Everywhere! Roy and I have been making music for most of our lives and it's kind of all we know so if we can find a big enough audience to us support that, nothing would make us happier.

M: You've got an EP coming out in 2015, can you give any hints about what we can expect?
D:  Big pop tunes with a lot of layers. It's also a perfect representation of everything that we are. We got one of the first songs we ever wrote on there and also have a track that we wrote on the fly in the studio, so I guess it captures where we were and the very beginning and where we are headed.

M: Who are you currently listening to?
D: We are launching our debut single, Play With Fire at The Railway Hotel, Brunswick, on the 5th of December so I'm essentially just listening to our own music and getting a few brand new tracks ready for the show. Although my girlfriend just bought me Nick Caves' second record, The Firstborn Is Dead, on vinyl so [I've] definitely been giving that a good listen.

M: How would you describe the dynamics in your duo?
D: It's actually pretty ridiculous. Roy and I are very close friends but we're opposites in every sense of the word and in absolutely every way. Somehow though, when it comes to creating music, we just click. We are kind of like the ethnic version of the odd couple but hey, it works!

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