Tuesday, November 4, 2014


BEATZ is a powerhouse of music, sass and coloured Doc Martens. Meet Elishia, Brooke and Tayla.

After an unsuccessful attempt onto 2014 X Factor Australia, these girls are even more determined to make it big. And they're doing it their way.

Proving that stereotypes are nothing, BEATZ have smashed the teenage airhead image out of the park and are proving that girl groups are here for a reason.

BEATZ are definitely dancing to their own drum.

Mahalia: How long did it take BEATZ to decide to try out for X Factor?
BEATZ: Soon after we got together it was a pretty quick decision. We have all watched and love the show and [so we] thought 'why not!'.

M: Your audition was my personal favourite! How long did you rehearse for it?
B: Thanks so much! There [were] so many elements to our audition piece as you saw, from the singing, harmonizing and dancing choreography. So all up it took us about one month to perfect.

M: What have you been up to since your time on national TV?
B: Since X Factor we have been working on creating exciting YouTube covers, keeping active with our fans and performing as often as possible.

M: Why do you want to pursue music as a group?
B: As a group our personal strengths come together and create something special. Being so close as friends off the stage also allows us to easily connect on stage, making our performances enjoyable for both us and the audience. Constantly being surrounded by determined people keeps us motivated and excited for the future together.

What's your dream for BEATZ? Where do you want to go with music?
B: We want to be writing our own music and touring the world with it. Hopefully [we will] get to collaborate with big names in America and inspire others like we have been inspired to follow our dreams and to not give up.

M: You're all still teenagers, how do you balance normal life and being musicians?
B: Actually recently Brooke and Elishia turned the big 20! So Tayla is actually the only teenager in the group. Each of our lives though are always pretty busy, so we make sure to plan our days so that we are getting the most out of everything.

M: What's the plan for 2015?
B: For 2015 we want to focus on writing our own music and then being able to tour with it overseas. We want to continue to inspire our fans and keep as active with them as possible, while expanding and sharing our music with as many people as possible.

B E A T Z are as lovely as they look! Find more here: https://www.facebook.com/BEATZofficialmusic