Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Greenlife Online

Alpha Beige WeWood Watch
When I received a package in the mail from Greenlife Online, it was basically like Christmas had come early. And I wasn't disappointed when I opened it!

From the word go it's obvious how important the environment is to this company.
"All [the] products I sell have to have a clear eco-friendly or sustainable aspect to them. I also try and source products from companies that do extra to help the environment," says owner Matthew Devitt.
Hayburn Mahogany Proof Sunglasses
I took both the watch and sunglasses with me to lots of different places, mainly because I knew they were so unique. Both the watch and sunglasses were a big hit with everyone who saw them. And they might look fragile when you see them, but they're definitely sturdy enough to be passed around.

The entire package weighed less than half a kilogram. I was surprised at just how light a wooden watch and glasses could be!

The watch - shown in Alpha Beige - was super chunky; in fact I think it's the biggest in the Italian designed range. Even so, it was incredibley light and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately the sample was too big for my wrist so I couldn't wear it all day, but it appears that some links could be removed to adjust the size. And bonus points to WeWood Watches for planting a tree for each watch sold!!

I'm a glasses wearer almost always, and unlike most people I really like this! So for me to happily replace them with sunglasses is kind of unusual. But that's how much I loved "Hayburn" in Mahogany sunnies. 

They were super light on my face, but not fragile at all. I never felt worried about the glasses breaking or falling off as they fit perfectly on my face.

And as well as being a great fashion asset they actually work at protecting your eyes from the sun! Which is a total underrated feature on most sunglasses I've ever owned..
I seriously loved both of these products and have been recommending them to anyone that will listen! I'm really sad to be sending them back. But I can't wait to see someone else love them as much as I did.

So aside from the products what sets Greenlife Online apart? "I think I don't just talk the talk, but also walk the walk." I agree with Matthew's statement wholeheartedly!

BIG thanks to www.greenlifeonline.com.au for loaning me their products to have a play with!