Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sydnee Carter || Western Australia's Newest Sensation

"I should go on The X Factor!" is the expected joke when anyone claims they can sing. No one takes it seriously. But for Sydnee Carter, The X Factor was a very serious deal. And now everyone else is taking her seriously, too.

Since her time on X Factor, where her stunning audition (a rendition of Youth's Daughter) received international recognition when it was retweeted by Ashton Kutcher, Sydnee has been finishing school, releasing an EP, and doing a whole lot of promo and gigging. Pretty impressive for anyone, especially for a 17-year-old.

She's stopped by Love'Em to talk about her time on The X Factor, tour dates, and what life will be like when high school is finished.

It's been a while since you've graced my TV screen, what's been happening music-wise since your time on The X Factor?
Since the X Factor finished I've been finishing off some new songs. I then travelled to NSW to record with my producer, Ryan, to do an EP which I released at the end of February, 2015. I've also been doing quite a few radio interviews and finishing school!

Speaking of X Factor, it seems like such a whirlwind, is what we see on TV accurate to how it all went down?
Hahaha. What you see on TV is legit only like 5 [to] 10 seconds of what the actual event was like! There's hours of filming that goes on and they can't put that all on [the show], so obviously it has to be edited and they'll take what they like and need to put it together.

Which of the guest artists on X Factor would you most like to duet with?
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to duet with Ed Sheeran!!

I remember you saying during your audition that you'd like to be like Ed Sheeran, an artist with a unique, recognizable style of music; do you think you've achieved this so far?
I believe I am on my journey to achieving that. I don't think I'm quite there yet but I will be soon hopefully!

How did you find Ronan as a mentor? Was he the judge you were hoping for?
Ronan was a really good mentor. He always made sure I was happy with everything, from my costume, set and songs. He was the judge I had hoped [I would get].

Completing high school is a big task in itself, how are you going juggling school with your music?
Juggling school with music is really hard, but I've taken a less time consuming pathway that will allow me to get into university [and] so I can pursue music orientated studies when I finish [high school], like producing.

What are your plans post-Grade 12? Where are you hoping to take your music?
I am hoping to continue writing songs, recording and maybe set up my own recording studio and become a studio producer!

Is there anything else exciting coming up for you?
I am taking each day as it comes. At the moment we are promoting my self-titled EP, so that involves a lot of radio interviews between school. I have a number of gigs booked, but hopefully when school is finished I might be able to do a small promo tour or be [the] support [act] for someone. That would be cool.