Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Being In Front Of A Camera Is Scary" || Nussy

The synth-pop queen is back! And as is generally the case, with bigger and better things.

Her latest single My Heroin is just as much an addiction as its subject matter - being involved in a toxic relationship that you can't quite escape. With a single like this, I am seriously excited for her upcoming EP, due later this year.

After a stunning 2014 debut EP, Nussy is continuing to break ground in the music industry and stun everyone who listens to her captivation sound.

So first off, congrats on such a fab new track! How long has it been in the works?
Thank you! It's so great to hear people are enjoying what I'm putting out. I actually recorded it last year so I've had it in hiding for a little while!

After your debut EP was received so well did you feel any pressure to top it with your new material?
The pressure probably comes first and foremost from myself - I am SUCH a perfectionist and I'd never put out anything I wasn't overly proud of. I think after hearing how much people enjoyed my first EP, I really just wanted to give them something new and exciting!

Was My Heroin always going to be the latest single or had you planned on saving it?
I had a few tracks that we were toying with the idea of releasing but I think in the end I couldn't go past My Heroin. It's a bit darker and more provocative than my previous releases so I was pretty excited to be giving people something a little different.

How do you pick the single - is it your choice or someone else's?
Ultimately it's up to me but I always trust the input of my managers - the three of us work as a great team!

Do you have as much input into the video clip as you do into the song?
When it comes time to make the video, I get ideas pitched to me and then I can decide what direction I'd like to take it in. Again, it's something we really work on as a team, between myself, the directors and my managers. It's great to have so much creative input from so many different people and I think it's how we've been able to come up with something truly unique.

How do you feel being in front of the camera rather than behind a microphone?
Being in front of a camera is SCARY! But I've been really lucky that the guys who have directed both my music videos now (Jarred Osborn & Julian Lucas from Wildebeest) are so encouraging and make me feel incredibly comfortable - it's great.

What are your plans now music wise? What should we wait for?
I'm hoping to release an EP later this year so stay tuned..

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Thanks for having me!

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