Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Teischa || New Artist Interview

People underestimate teenagers. It's just a fact of life really. But it isn't very hard to find guys and gals who are changing that stereotype. Eighteen-year-old Teischa is one of those girls. Insanely talented, fresh faced, and barely an adult, she's taking the world by storm.

After winning the 2014 Telstra Road to Discovery and releasing her single Trick of the Light, which debuted on Triple J at #4, Teischa is a force to be reckoned with. And you'd be crazy not to join the rollercoaster now.

Girl, your voice is crazy! How did you start in the music business?
Thank you! I was first introduced to the music business when I was living in Phuket in Thailand. I met a South African couple who had just opened a recording studio on the island and did my first recordings with them. They opened the door to the world of music for me and I very quickly became hooked on songwriting.

Being so young, was it a tough decision to pursue a singing career rather than waiting until after school?
Not really! Pursuing a music career through school helped me develop a very clear focus and confidence with what I wanted to do in the future. For me music alleviated the pressure of Year 12 rather than adding any.

Who are you inspired by musically?
I find that I'm inspired by a lot of very different people for varying reasons. I'm inspired by some of our former legends of music, including Bill Withers, Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, but I'm also constantly inspired by current artists like Meg Mac, Lianna La Havas and Selah Sue. I get lots of inspiration from local artists and people around me by simply just going out to gigs and watching bands play when I have the chance.

What about in your everyday life; who do you aspire to be like?
I aspire to be the kind of musician, like those legends I mentioned before, who have written timeless music that's still appreciated today. I want to write music that will be listened to and appreciated for years to come.

Let's pretend that I've never heard your music before...why should I stop and listen to your latest single Couldn't Care Less?
Couldn't Care Less is an honest and personal piece of songwriting that portrays a fuse of pop, soul, R'n'B and electronic genres. It's what I think is my best work yet and I'm very proud of how it's come together.

It sounds like you've been travelling a fair bit lately, how has that been? How's the homesickness?
Travelling is one of my favourite parts of playing music. Growing up in Thailand we were able to do a lot of travelling as kids so I think I might have caught the travel bug from a very young age! I love coming home as it gives me time out to write, relax and hove some home cooked meals, but nothing beats being on the road!

Why do you think you stand out from everyone else trying to break into music?
Haha umm that's a tricky one.. Maybe come along to one of my live shows and see for yourself.

What should we expect from Teischa in the future?
In the near future you can expect the release of my first EP followed by a lot more travelling and touring. So keep an eye out for when I'm in a city near you!

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