Monday, September 19, 2016

Hot Spoke || Katie Buxton || Wren

Hot Spoke - Outlines

The alt-rock/indie vibes and old school nostalgia are perfectly combined to create Hot Spokes' lead single Outlines. This is a feel good track. You know the sort. As soon as it's playing there's nothing to do but enjoy the music. The very best of sorts.

Originally a Triple J Unearthed standout, Outlines has since gotten airtime on Triple J across Australia. And it's completely obvious why. Ness Muir's vocals are to die for and the guitar equally as divine. This is one I've already had on repeat and, slightly unfortunately, I can't keep it all to myself.

Katie Buxton - You Flew

Ah, Katie Buxton. She's the girl with a voice so silky it's hard to believe there's no autotune in sight. This is raw talent at its best; and any longtime of the sight will know how much I love nabbing budding stars to share. This Nashville-based songstress' latest single You Flew is a heartfelt ode to unrequited love and those too afraid to open their hearts.

Everything about this song is so peaceful, that it's almost surprising at just how powerful the lyrical arrangement for this song is. A songwriting major at Belmont University, it's not as surprising that this powerhouse of a ballad has been created by Buxton. She might just be the best thing you hadn't even heard of.

Wren - Here

Entrancing is really the only word that comes to mind whenever I hear Wren's violin based single Here. The vocals I could talk about all day, but that violin..well, that's something to really gush over. And it's only made more spectacular in the accompanying film clip.

There's just something so special about an artist that can do it all. Wren is the one-man-band to end all else; she has the spunk and drive of more than just one, albeit incredibly talented, lady and she's just getting better. Wren's music is the glitter dust of something magical.