Thursday, September 22, 2016

DOT || The Preatures || Carla Wehbe

Dot - Weekend (Stohou Remix)

Brisbane-based songstress Dot has teamed up with London artist Stohou to release this remix of her single Weekend. With the original track receiving global airplay, this new release is only a further reason to pay attention to Queensland's latest pop darling.

With EDM making a whole lot of noise at the moment - think Closer by The Chainsmokers or the latest Calvin Harris smash This Is What You Came For - the time for a remix of an already seriously catchy song is rife. And Dot is set to lap it all up, Weekend is the break from life everyone needs right now.

The Preatures - I Know A Girl

This is a true girl-power anthem for a new generation. The Preatures have offered up their latest track I Know A Girl giftwrapped and ready for a generation of gals who aren't content with the plain and simple. This is a track for the girls, girls with 5000 Facebook friends or the ones who have a best friend who knows everything, and everyone else in between. This is a track that is about self-love a whole lot more than relationships.

The 80s pop nostalgia coupled with soaring vocals and indie/rock influences creates a cocktail that absolutely everyone (18+ of course) should have a taste of. This is a masterpiece quietly slipped out to the universe. You'd be kidding yourself if you thought giving this one a miss was a good idea.

Carla Wehbe - Electric Field

One of the best parts of being the author of this site is the music that gets added to my playlist. Carla Wehbe is a new addition, but has already been well played, well listened and well shared. With a voice fair more mature than her years, and the musicality to back it up, Wehbe's debut offering Electric Field, pulled from the EP of the same name, is an undeniably strong starting point.

Another newcomer to share in the EDM vibes currently playing out in the music world, Wehbe has carefully constructed a world that is both familiar and yet entirely unique. No mean feat for a debut artist. This is a girl who's landed on scene fully formed and ready to cement herself a spot at the top of everyone else's playlists too.