Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome to the Quick n the Dead

"I feel like we have something to offer. I’m really proud of this album and hopefully people will dig these new tunes."

Hailing from the small Victorian town of Glenrowan, the Quick n the Dead are a trio of rockers with a self-titled album that I just can't stop listening to. The band, two brothers and their long-time friend, who perform "southern-rock" are proof of the value in independent music. This stuff is gold.

The EP, which was released early September this year, is a fourteen song tale straight from the band's heart. And, luckily for them, it succeeds in their goal: these are melodies I can't get out of my head.

I always like to start off with the name, so where did the Quick & the Dead get its name from?
The boring version is that it was just the name left on the list after we crossed all the others off haha. The inspiration for it was a hybrid of Western films and old English language. Quick used to mean alive years ago, in old bibles there’s verses about God coming back for the quick (living) and the dead.

This is your second album release, how are you feeling now compared to prior to your debut?
I think we’re more confident. Maybe. Our first release we didn’t really have any idea what we were doing or if anyone would buy it.  Now I feel like we have something to offer. I’m really proud of this album and hopefully people will dig these new tunes.

How do you think your sound’s changed between the last release and this?
For our first album we recorded all the instruments live in a room together over 2 days then all the vocals over another 2 days. We took some more time with this one, putting a little more focus on the creative process not just capturing the energy of a live rock band. I think it’s got more depth musically and lyrically and that it’ll take a few listen’s for people to appreciate all the aspects of the songs.

Where did the inspiration come from for this album?
That’s a very broad question, each song has its own unique story. Lyrically it’s my questions/ideas of how belief and the pursuit of truth interact with our everyday lives. Musically it draws from Jack white, Tom Petty, Cry of love, Josh Garrels, Robert Cray band, Aaron Gillespie, U2, Zeppelin, Maylene & the sons of disaster, Foo Fighters etc.

How long has this self-titled album been in the works for? How has it changed since the music was initially written?
The first song we wrote for this album was The Blacksmith and it was written the week after we finished recording our first album, that’s around 2 ½ years ago. I think really there’s just been minor changes as we’ve played these songs live and realised what works and what doesn’t. Little things like using an acoustic not a piano, going double time in this section, slight change of melodies etc. The major themes/ideas have stayed constant.

I’ve always wondered what makes a band decide to release a self-titled album, was there a reason you’ve chosen to with this album?
Yeah. Scattered through the album there are 4 songs’ (chapter I, II, III, IV) that tell a western story that expands on the ideas behind our name. So the title covers those themes plus we wrote, recorded and produced it by ourselves so we feel that this album really defines who we are and the music we create. So hopefully the ‘self-titled’ helps keep the concept simple and lets the music speak for itself.

What do you hope people take from the music you guys put out?
Question’s that keep them thinking and a melody they can’t get out of their head.

And for anyone new, why should we give this album a listen?
If you’ve read all the way to the end of this interview you really owe it to yourself to listen to at least one song! If nothing else just to see if you wasted the last 5 minutes of your life.

Thanks for stopping by Love ‘Em!
Anytime, thanks for the chat.