Friday, September 18, 2015

"This song started writing itself" || Loren Kate

There is a great deal of wisdom to the saying that you need to crawl before you can walk. And, fresh off the back of her Telstra Road to Discovery win, Loren Kate has started running.

Her latest track, released September 7, is the emotive tale of her ex-partner's passing. When You Leave is the most heartfelt folk tune you'll hear all year. Matched by the exquisite animated video clip, When You Leave is the type of track artist's should wish to release. The accompanying EP Til Night Meets The Sun (October 9) is unapologetic, intimate introduction to the artist. 

Written in 2013, the album is a journey through Loren's own experiences of childhood, parental relationship, turning thirty, and her ex-partner. "I wasn't planning to make a new record, I was actually planning to have a baby of the human variety, and then I won Telstra Road to Discovery and decided to do both!"

A main purpose of the Telstra Road to Discovery competition is to aid up-and-coming musical acts in Australia. The extra assistance - including mentoring, recording time and publicity - is all up for grabs for the winner, and, according to Loren it was just the leg up she needed. To continue the celebration Loren is off to record and gig in Nasville before hitting the local road for a national tour in October.

"The moment they announced my name I felt this sense of relief, like all of the sudden there were more possibilities and opportunities. Sometimes as an independent musician I feel like I'm carrying huge rocks up massive mountains. Winning the Telstra Road to Discovery meant I had a team of people, a year mentoring and the funding to move those rocks more efficiently."

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