Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's Better to be Golden || Asyana Tan Review

I recently received a beautifully wrapped, glitter-heart-filled package of tanning lotion from the wonderful lasses over at Asyana Tan. To keep me glowing and golden brown they kindly sent a bottle of their Step 2: Bronze Tanning Lotion and my pale winter body has been in love ever since.

"A sunless tan that makes you look and feel like a bronze god/ goddess…  Asyana’s Bronze Self Tanning Lotion containing DHA, Erythrulose and Walnut extract; with added skin hydrating and nourishing ingredients aloe vera, green tea, grapeseed, chamomile, vitamin e and coconut and macadamia nut oil; will leave your skin glowing with a beautiful. Your tan will look like your natural sun tan and fade like your natural sun tan…"
[Excerpt from the Asyana Tan website.]

The directions on the bottle clearly state to use the provided gloves (and a personal set for every following application) and from personal experience this is definitely something you should follow. With the gloves my tan was even and looked completely natural - I had a lot of questions about when I'd gotten so much sun! - but applying the lotion with bare hands left my tan slightly patchy. This was especially obvious on my back and the top of my thighs, with what resembled a large bruise appearing instead of the expected golden glow.
I am a big fan of anything coconut scented so the fact that this tan smelt extra yummy instead of the usual slightly chemical-tinged one that tans often have was a massive bonus. The only problem with the scent was that if I applied it too heavily around my neck I was prone to feeling headache-y until the tan was completely dry.

The bottle I used was only 150ml but that will definitely set you up for at least 10 full body application and it only costs $29.95(AUD). With this tan I preferred to apply it straight after a shower but in the morning, usually on a day where I knew I wouldn't be going out and could wear comfortable clothes all day. For me this produced a cleaner, more even tan than if I applied it straight before going to bed.

The lovely ladies at Asyana Tan are producing some of the best smelling, easy-to-apply sunless tanning products on the market. So if you want to be golden brown and coconut-scented then do yourself a favour and pickup some of their products. And really, does anyone not want to be sunkissed all year round?


NB :: This is not a sponsored post however the item reviewed was           gifted to me by the company.

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