Friday, September 25, 2015

'Feels like we've been on this forever' || Wyall Style Records

Frida, the latest Wyall Style gem
The music scene is filled with record labels. And to stand out you need to have the dedication that Wyall Style Records does.

Growing from a share house - "mouldy but lovable abode" - into the movin' and shakin' label, this is a place for the music you really want to listen to. The hardworkers at Wyall Style are here to deliver the tracks that you'll want to have heard first.

It's only the beginning but it's already sounding good.

Why does the world need Wyall Style Records?

Before launching Wyall Style, we had many meetings amongst ourselves and with our parent label Hopestreet Recordings about this very question. We think that the world needs Wyall Style because it is representative of the young DIY culture that's so prominent in music today. We're for artists who are just out of high school or uni[versity] who spend all their time writing, recording and performing music. Maybe you have to work a couple of day jobs to buy the gear you need, and maybe you've played more than a couple [of] questionable gigs, but the belief in your own ability and your passion for your work is what keeps you going..we're for those guys, because we are those guys.

When did Wyall Style start? How long has it been a work in progress?
Wyall Style was announced August 2015, so it is a literal baby! We have [only recently] officially launched the label yet - that [happened] at the Gasometer on the 18th of September. We've been working on Wyall Style for a few months now, I reckon since the beginning of the year maybe? To be honest it feels like we've been on this forever!

Where does the name come from?
Most of Frida live in a share house on Wyall Street and that house is where we recorded Frida's Slowly/I Want It All release, plus most of our solo projects and a myriad of bands that walk in and out of Wyall on a daily basis. When deciding on a name for the label, we knew we had to have a nod to this mouldy but lovable abode.

Where does Wyall Style fit into the music market?
Wyall Style is for the makers and the listeners; for those who love and care about music and art and the people behind it all. We love lo-fi, hi-fi, medium-fi - electronic, indie, pop, hip-hop, soul - Wyall Style is a good-smelling, great-sounding musical melting pot. Lovers of Mac Demarco, Grizzly Bear, Chet Faker and Alabama Shakes will particularly want to take a bite.

What is Wyall Style looking for in artists?
We want the artists who literally can't think of anything else except for music - the ones who go mad at 2am looking for that sound, or who spend all their money on a Roland Space Echo and now rent is a stretch..genre and style is kinda irrelevant as long as you [have] got skills, ambition and a crazy work ethic - many of the artists on the Wyall roster are currently writing the third album for their instrumental funk and soul project The Cactus gotta be able to keep up!

What should listeners expect next from Wyall Style? Is there anything in the works?
The next twelve months over here at Wyall Style are going to be literally jam-packed - on top of our first bi-monthly mixtape (which you can submit your music to here), we have several singles, EPs, and albums in the works due to be released in 2016. For now, Frida's latest release, Slowly/I Want It All, is doing the rounds and a Frida album is next on the cards. There's a good chance we'll be throwing a Wyall Christmas Party too, so that'll be a great one to look out for.

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