Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So Numb - Plastic || Single Review

In the same way that a jack-in-the-box works, Plastic's So Numb winds up to the best type of surprise. A previous unknown to me, I went into this track musically blind. But I'd never put bad music onto Love 'Em so you could say our blind-SoundCloud-date went well.

The alternative outfit, made up entirely of local Melbourne-ites and Kiwi exports, are newly formed and ready to take the music scene by its horns.

So Numb, the band's debut track, is equal parts alternative glory and old school song writing genius. Which is really no wonder consider their frontman, Louis McDonald, has been winning songwriting awards since his teenage years.

Packed with thumping bass and an ice cool drum line, So Numb is only warming up when the synth and guitar riff hits. It's a sign of musical brilliance when the music is just as strong without vocals. And this is a cake that benefits from the vocal icing, but is just as sink-your-teeth-into by itself.

When a band comes along with a name like Plastic, bubblegum-pop is what springs to mind. Something highly manufactured and just a little too sugary. But instead I ended up with a band who well deserves the title of musicians. And with the stellar debut of So Numb I'm only more excited for what's next.