Friday, March 27, 2015

Weightless // Sarah Bannan

Title: Weightless
Author: Sarah Bannan
Release Date: April, 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury Circus
Source: Copy for Review

Before Carolyn Lessing arrived, nothing much had ever happened in Adamsville, Alabama. Each week, at dinner tables and in the high school assembly, everyone would pray for the football team to win. Each year, the Adams High Hot List would be updated, and girls would rise and fall within its ranks. Each day, everyone lived by the unwritten rules that cheerleaders did not hang out with the swim team, seniors did not date freshman and the blistering heat was something that should never be remarked upon. But then the new girl came.

All that Carolyn's social media revealed was that she had moved from New Jersey, had 1075 friends and no relationship status. In beach photos with boys who looked like Abercrombie models, she seemed beautiful, but in real life she was so much more. She was perfect.  

This was all before the camera crews arrived, before the cracks began to appear in the dry earth and before it became impossible to see where rumour ended and truth began.

It's honestly hard to believe that this is a debut novel. I was blown away from start to finish, everything about this book made me want to read it in one sitting but also draw it out for as long as possible. Every time I went to put this book down, I'd picked it up again within ten minutes. The writing was just that good. Weightless had the sort of plot that is so breathtaking I wondered why this book hadn't already been written.

I've never read a book written from a 'we' point of view - "We sat on the bleachers.." I personally really liked this style, it made me feel completely invested in the story and the characters. I sometimes find that books written in the first person can be off-putting, but this was really refreshing and original!

Carolyn was certainly an interesting character to read, in a lot of ways I could see myself in her. She clearly felt a lot of pressure to keep up appearances and maintain her 'perfect' life. I really felt for her. The other female characters always appeared threatened by her: because she was different, beautiful, untouchable. Which eventually crumbled, it was frustrating that the other characters didn't see this coming, but I thought it was so accurate to what actually happens in life that it isn't even a criticism.

This book just kept me guessing, I knew that there was only one way it could but I was hoping the whole story that I would be proving wrong. Without giving too much away, I nearly searched for the Facebook pages mentioned towards the conclusion, it all just felt so real. 'This can't be a book, this has to be true,' I was thinking from start to end.

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