Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fall Electric || Interview

The thing that I really love about blogging is finding new books, clothes and, in this case, music. The up and coming muso's are the ones that make me really excited. 

And this is why I'm thrilled to introduce you to a new gem from Western Australia, Fall Electric.

With instruments like the cello, coupled with baritone vocals Fall Electric is as exciting as it comes. New sounds, a new record label and a 6/8 time signature, their album Interior is what you should be listening to.

So why Interior? What made you choose that as the album title?
There's lots of reasons. Firstly: it sounds awesome as a singular word - kind of tough-meets-curious. [Haha.] Second: there's a tonne of sounds layered into quite a few of the tunes, so the name points to all that. Another reason is there's lots of stuff from deep down in the lyrics, so that def came from the inside.

How are you feeling about the release after such a long writing process?
Surprisingly fresh. But let me explain. All the records I've made with various bands over the years had a long writing process, whereby tunes are made when they are made and never forced, so it's not been different for me. What was different about this album is we tracked the whole thing in about six days, which was a super focused hyper inspired zone of joy, hopefully that comes through.

What are we in for? Is Over You similar to the whole album or are there some surprises in store?
I'm told by my more learned music theory Fall Electric band member that Over You is in the 6/8 time signature and it would seem that's something that I'm innately attracted to - there's a few other tunes on the record with six beats per bar structure. Aside from all that the album is like a large family with a zillion kids, all the kids have cello and my vocals so you can tell they're family but they def have their own individual personality - don't know if that's surprising.

You want to create music that's different - what is different for you?
We don't really want to do anything per se, we discovered that we were compelled to make music the way we do. But as to define different, I believe different has no hang up about trends and it prefers good to cool. [I] hope that makes sense.

 I hear that you guys are the masterminds behind Status Factory Records. Why was this something you wanted to start up?
We makes lots of music and couldn't be bothered persuading someone else to put it out. Also there's a tonne of amazing musicians in Perth who are world beaters so we'd like to help them.

 Where do you hope the label will go from here?
We have a series of split 7" releases for Western Australian bands that blow us away.

And what about Fall Electric? What's next for you musically?
We are all about Interior for the next few months at least.

What do you hope people take from listening to your tracks?
A sweet expansive uncommon vibe. 

Fall Electric's Facebook Page.

NOTE: Stay tuned for my review of Interior, live on Love 'Em soon!

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