Friday, March 20, 2015

Lifespan of Starlight || Thalia Kalkipsakis

Title: Lifespan of Starlight
Author: Thalia Kalkipsakis
Release Date: April 1, 2015
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont
Source: Advanced Reading Copy

It already lies dormant within you: the ability to move within time.

In 2048, three teenagers discover the secret to time travel. At first their jumps cover only a few seconds, but soon they master the technique and combat their fear of jumping into the unknown.

It's dangerous. It's illegal. And it's utterly worth it for the full-body bliss of each return.

As their ability to time jump grows into days and weeks, the group begins to push beyond their limits, with terrifying consequences. Could they travel as far as ten years, to escape the authorities? They are desperate enough to find out.

But before they jump they must be sure, because it only works in one direction.

Once you trip forwards, there's no coming back.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me, but when I was in middle primary school my friends and I were obsessed with the Go Girl! book series. Anyone with a bigger collection than my own was a reason for nine-year-old jealousy. I was gutted when I outgrew the series and wished the stories still held their magic.

Now though, one of the authors from this iconic series is back with a new book, aimed at older readers. Thalia Kalkipsakis is this author and far from her Go Girl! days comes Lifespan of Starlight, the fast-paced story of a still-believable future.

I'm going to say it right now that I absolutely loved Scout. Although this story isn't written specifically for a female audience, but a strong female protagonist is a big plus for me. I really admired the way she lived, despite being an outsider and ultimately risking her safety and freedom for doing what she did. (I wish I could explain that better but I'm not giving away any spoilers!)

For me the characters of Mason and Boc were really interesting; I wasn't really sure what they were going to bring to the story for a long time. Boc is still someone I'm unsure about and I'm really hoping that the remaining books of the trilogy share more about him. Mason was unusual, the on-again-off-again relationship he had with Scout was confusing (still is actually). I really liked both Boc and Mason but I wish I could read the sequel right now to find out more about them!

I would definitely, definitely recommend this book. Kalkipsakis has a writing style I could read for days. Lifespan of Starlight will keep you hooked from the very beginning, this strange new world is one I'd love to visit.