Monday, April 6, 2015

Héloise || Interview

I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I was so excited to chat to Héloise was that she is from Tasmania, too! Although she's now moved to a city filled with more 24 hour pizza restaurants than a girl can count (or at least that's what I'm told), this folk songstress proudly hails from my own home state of Tasmania.

With the palest skin and a seriously angelic voice, this is someone to be listening to. Folk is a genre that I drift in and out of, but when it's right, it is just so delicious that I've got to stay. And, man, does Héloise get it right.

Fresh off the back of her major win in Melbourne Music Bank 2014, Héloise is ready to debut her new single This Is Home at The Workers Club Melbourne at the end of April. But before she takes to the stage, Héloise has shared a little bit about herself with Love 'Em!

Hey, I'm ...

You'd notice me because ... I am very pale and very ginger.

I'm a musician because ... I can't escape the urge to create.

I sound kind of similar to ... [I'm] not really sure.. I hope I sound like me!

I listen to ... Jack White, Tom Waits, The Delta Riggs, Butch Walker, Cory Chisel, Beck, Ryan Adams, [and] Nikki Lane.

I am most inspired by ... Tom Waits.

I'm from ... that beautiful little island down South.. Tasmania!

I left because ... I was itching to start my career on the mainland.

Now I live ... in Melbourne!

It's different to my home because ... it's bustling with people, cars, noise and so many 24hour pizza delivery places.

So far 2015 has ... brought me wonderful opportunities, new friends and exciting prospects.

At my shows you can expect ... to dance, dream, laugh and travel to faraway places.

Someday I want to headline ... Byron Bay Bluesfest .. (In my dreams!!)

I hope my music makes you ... feel as if you've been transported somewhere someplace else.

I most like singing when ... I'm with my wonderful band.. They know my songs better than I do!

The most important thing about music is ... to just keep doing it.

I wouldn't mind being mistaken for ... Ron Weasley?

I'm really grateful that ... there are so many 24hour pizza places in Melbourne.

My goal for the rest of 2015 is ... to release our second EP, tour Australia and write more songs!

One last note ... Pizza.