Friday, October 16, 2015

Raw - Wren || EP Review

I thought Wren's Facebook bio was so interesting that I knew it needed to be shared here, too.

"Wren is an unusually talented musician; a self-confessed introvert when it comes to expressing her emotions, music has become a vehicle for communicating this aspect of herself, whilst her lyrics offer autobiographical glimpses in a slightly ambiguous, yet poetic way.

She has a passion for composition combined with an impressive ability to play a number of instruments including the violin, in which she was classically trained. The signature vulnerability of her natural voice, combined with her seductive lyrics, enables her to create works which give us a fleeting, yet powerfully intense, glimpse into her normally secretive mind.

Honestly that was nearly so interesting I didn't listen to the EP! (I know, I know, I get distracted too easily..) But that's here nor there because I have listened to this fantastically haunting debut EP so fittingly titled Raw.

The musicality of this mega-talented Sydney-sider is evident straight away; everything about this album screams talent in a very calm yet completely listen-to-me type of way. I have no idea how someone could produce something of this standard for a debut, but Wren is clearly a musical genius in the makings and with a start like this the future is really, really exciting.

The violin for me is a constant standout - I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Listening to Raw made me want to learn even more than I already did. Combined with the numerous other instruments that Wren plays with skillful ease and her deep, emotive voice...I don't even know how to describe how beautiful this EP is. There is talent, there is hardwork, and there is Wren. Who of course has multitudes of both but the result is pulled off with grace. Kudos to Wren, but I want more!