Monday, October 19, 2015

The entire round table || Klubknight Single Premiere

When a group drops into your inbox with the name Klubknight you naturally just sit up and pay attention. It's just a reflex really, but if they have a killer name then, generally, a killer sound follows suit. And this was no exception. (Trust me, it's a rule you should live by.)

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Queensland, this dynamic two-piece are renowned for extraordinary dance tracks and techno inspired tunes. Having been played in clubs throughout both Australia and the globe, the duo aim to please with electro beats that can still take you one an epic musical adventure. 

It's people like these guys that prove why electronica is just as much a talent as any other genre.

Following the success of their 2014 debut EP From The Whiteboard, the lads are back with fresh material. Their latest track White Lines, taken from the upcoming Blackboard EP which is set to drop in November, is officially launching tomorrow - October 20th.

White Lines is all the right ingredients served hot in a seriously cool track. With the ever-present driving bass line and a sweet melody overlaid, this a tune just in time for summer and some serious groovin'. With an almost eerie, almost voice making occasional appearance in the track, too, this has a lot going on but never feels rushed. Despite many people's misconceptions, dance music is not always heavy and fast-paced. 

Klubknight have delivered another standout track that can only be a good omen for their upcoming EP. And if you had any doubts that techno wouldn't make you want to dance, then pop this on and let the boys prove you so very wrong.