Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to their world || Claws & Organs

Hey, we're... Claws & Organs
You'd recognise our sound because... the guitars and jagged and the vocals mostly are too, but sometimes, they're very soothing.
Lately we've been... watching lots of Lost. No spoilers please.
Alphabetti Spaghetti is a song about... the words in your brain being different than the ones coming out of your mouth.
You need to give us a listen because... otherwise, we'll find you..

At a live show... we'll be loud and energetic and hopefully you will be too.
We want to play a show... in a big forest somewhere.
The best thing about being musicians is... being able to write songs about whatever you want..or whoever you want..
You need Claws & Organs in your life because... otherwise your blood won't be able to pump through your body and you'd stop breathing.

The 1990s is known as an era of successful grunge bands, but it turns out that 2015 is keeping the alternative rock alive. Meet Claws & Organs - the best grunge band you've probably never heard of. But that's about to change. You can thank me later.

The Melbourne-based three piece is keeping up their stellar 2015 year with a new single and some pretty snazzy gigs for their No Teeth No Stamina Tour. Starting later this month, the band is kicking off their touring with a slot at Victoria's Happy Trails Music Festival on 31st October. Backing the seven show schedule, this talented trio is selling limited edition 7" vinyl featuring both Alphabetti Spaghetti and their latest single, No Teeth No Stamina

The music industry is known for being tough to crack into, but with a sound as individual as Claw & Organs' it's hard not to take notice. Debuting Alphabetti Spaghetti earlier this year, the angsty message is conveyed through a mixture of driving bass, pumping drums and some serious vocal from Heather Thomas. 

No Stamina is the follow up of all follow ups. And if the track doesn't convince you of Claw & Organs' musical chops, then head along to a gig and let them prove it to you themselves.


October 31 – Happy Trails Music Festival, Creswick VIC w/ Dead, Tangrams and more
November 5 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney w/ Royal Chant, Red Gazelle
November 6 Captain Cook Hotel , Sydney w/ Service Bells, Jugular Cuts
November 7 – Trainspotters, Brisbane w/ Gazar Strips, The Bear Hunt, MessMess
November 14 – Bar Open, Melbourne w/ Cull, Loobs, Ghost Dick
November 20 – The Exeter Hotel, Adelaide w/ Charlie Monsoon, Invisible Mantra
November 27 – The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Milkk

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