Tuesday, June 23, 2015

White Summer || Interview

There isn't anything more important than having mum's approval, just ask White Summer. 

The Melbourne-based, rock quartet has recently released their latest single from their upcoming EP, set to drop in early 2016. But it was only chosen after a mothers' approval, of course.

After a massive twelve months of songs, shows, and writing music, the lads from White Summer have stopped by Love 'Em. Don't be shy!

I hear you had to 'bunker down' to record your upcoming EP, how'd you all fair in such close proximity?
We just treat it like a holiday so vibes are high most of the time. The only time things get a bit tense is when the beers vanish in the night...mysteriously.

How's the music sounding? What sort of sound should we expect?
[The music is] something you can really sink your teeth into and won't be over before the car has even left the driveway.

Your newly released single I Know A Place We Can Love has a seriously cool mix of vocals and instrumentation; why'd you choose this as your release from the EP?
[It was] Mum's favourite.

I'm a big fan of bass and the opening hooked me right in, how important do you think the first few bars of a song? 
We're prone to a wee boogie here and there, so it just made sense to kick it off with a solid groove.

How did White Summer come to be the ever talented lineup we're all now treated to?
We were just mates mucking around playing covers and making dodgy one day LP's and over time people joined and people left.

How'd you all meet?
Mike and I met in high school and started making original music pretty much straight away. Then we moved to Melbourne and met Anthony, I nearly killed myself on a Vespa, Alex jumped in and took over the pig skins.

Why White Summer? Is there a meaning or does it just sound ace?
It's a Led Zeppelin track that we fell in love [with] when we were younger.

How are you all feeling coming up to your national tour? How are the nerves?
We've had some awesome shows leading up to this tour so we're feeling confident, just eager to get out there and bang it out.

What do you think is the most important thing we should all know about White Summer?
We're not white supremacists.

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