Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flawless Clothing || Product Review

I stumbled across Flawless Clothing when I was looking for something completely unrelated, but what I found was so much better than the things I was originally searching for. A local Australia brand? Yep. That has comfort just as important as style? Yes, please. That is flawless, feels flawless, and looks flawless? Of course.

The super ace guys at Flawless sent me a Beanie and Wayfarer Combo to add to my closet. And, just between us of course, it's a pretty amazing addition.

I've had some - for lack of a better word- dodgy beanies and sunglasses in my time, so I was a wee bit nervous about Flawless. But (and I feel like I say this a lot) I was very happily surprised.

The beanie, emblazoned with the brand logo Flawless, is warm enough for a Tasmanian winter. So it's definitely warm enough for everywhere else! And it actually fit, without stretching out of shape. Which is an unfortunately tough gig for beanie. So big kudos to the Flawless team!

The Wayfarer I might have to wait a few months to see their full potential, but for now let's just say that I wish it were summer already.

Psst, the combo mentioned in this post is currently on sale. Get in quick!

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