Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Greenlife Online || Prescription Glasses Review

The last time I worked with Greenlife Online it was still November (an entire seven months ago...no one freak out) and I had bright red hair. So it's fair to say that a fair bit has changed since that post. But the absolutely fabulous news is that Greenlife Online are back! They've recently launched the sale of these scrumptious wooden prescription glasses from Proof eyewear. And I have all the details.

As a general rule people who need them aren't a massive fan of wearing glasses; but I love them! You can leave such a mark by the glasses you wear; let's be honest, most people should be looking at your face. So having killer specs is something that I take seriously. And I think the super special thing about buying from somewhere like Greenlife is that even people who aren't unfortunate in the sight department can look snazzy in frames. Because your glasses arrive with a clear plastic (ready for you to swap to your prescription) anyone can wear them. It's a big fashion win for those jumping on board with the glasses trend.

RX 'Ricks Black'
I'll admit that I was a little weary about reviewing these glasses initially - I knew they looked fantastic but glasses have to be super comfortable simply because of the amount time I (or anyone who needs them) has them on. I wasn't sure how heavy they'd be or if they'd sit right on my face. But my excited for something as crazy-cool as wooden frames was just as strong and, as it turns out, right. The glasses only weigh 25 grams and they sit so comfortably that I forgot I had them on!

RX 'Driggs Blue'

My personal favourite are these RX 'Driggs Blue' frames. They just suited my face shape and blue glasses are super fab in my book! If I was shopping these are definitely be where my money was headed. And happily so. At AUD$169.00 they aren't expensive for frames but they aren't cheap by any means. I personally find online shopping can be a little daunting because you really don't know if the price matches the quality until you get them, but rest assured! Greenlife is 100% worth the prices and they have a super simple returns policy. (Plus, the owner is lovely. You won't have any problems at all!)

RX 'Pledge Pear'

Glasses aren't a purchase you make every day, but if you need a new pair of specs, or you're just a fashion-junkie, then do you even need to look any further? Greenlife Online has quality frames but the added bonus of environmentally friendly and unique wooden material makes them even more appealing. You're welcome.
RX 'Loom Brown'
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NB: Thanks to Matt from Greenlife for working with me on this one!

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