Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Madeline Stuart || The Model Who's Changing the World

Hey, I'm ... Madeline, but you can call me Maddy.

Madeline Stuart is the latest in teenage girls who dream of modelling. It's not something that people write stories about, but Maddy is different. This bubbly redhead also has Down's syndrome, but if anything, this has only spurred the eighteen-year-old on more.

Just over a month ago, Maddy was a virtual unknown, but now, thanks to the wonder of social media she has nearly 400k on Facebook and an ever-growing Instagram presence too. Maddy Stuart is already making her mark on the world.

Since then, with products to promote, places to travel, companies to talk to, Maddy's life is going top speed. With the aim of changing the face of beauty, and smiling as much as possible, Maddy is as inspiring as they come. 

You'd notice me because ... I have been on the internet a lot lately as the first adult model with Down's syndrome in the world.

I love modelling because ... it is a way to express myself when words don't always come easy. Plus I get to embrace society and hopefully make people feel more comfortable around people with disabilities.

My favourite thing about fashion is ... I love the clothes, the camera and getting to smile a lot.

Maddy & her boyfriend, Robby
The best thing about being Madeline is ... just meeting so many amazing people and getting to see all the beautiful comments on social media.

I love ... my mum more than anything in the world; she is my best friend and hero.

My favourite food is ... grilled chicken wraps and sushi!

I hope that I can ... change the world's views on beauty and help everyone to feel beautiful in themselves and [to feel] included.

I'm so happy about ... all the positive feedback and being a positive influence.

I've always wanted to ... meet Ellen DeGeneres.

This year has been amazing because ... I have had so many new experiences. I am going to travel overseas to model and I have been on television with my friends and family a number of times.

I am inspired by ... my mum as she believes in love, inclusion and is very patient.

I want to inspire ... young women and men to love their inner beauty and to realise with time that inner beauty and compassion is all that lasts and is what people really see us for. I want to inspire business professionals to employ people with disabilities as they will bring something so deep and beautiful to the work environment. I want to inspire families to have faith when they feel lost as everything can have a silver lining if you believe and never give up. I want to inspire people not to bully anyone to see worth in everyone as equals.

When I'm not modelling I'm ... playing sport, a lot of sport, or going to the gym as I love being active, and hanging out with my friends.

My favourite music is ... Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Psi, One Direction, Pink, Meghan Trainor, and Jessie J.

I love Lady Gaga so much because ... I can sing and dance to her music.

I dance because ... it makes me happy and it's so much fun.

My favourite thing about travelling to America was ... the people, they were so warm and welcoming. I can't wait to go back in July this year.

I would love to model for ... Myer, Gucci, and Vanity Fair magazine.

Everyone should follow their dreams because ... our dreams are what truly matter, we only have one life and we should live it to the fullest.

Everyone likes Maddy!
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NB :: All photos taken by Lulebelle Photography and Michael Murchie.