Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shannon Saunders

Meet Shannon. She's the English singer you really ought to listen to. A cross-hatch of incredible beats and superb lyrics - with the vocals to match- she's the type of singer you want to be able to say "I knew her before she was famous" about. She'll blow your mind, and maybe your speakers too. 

Shannon Saunders deserves full volume.

  • I first heard you on Shed Sessions, what was the shed like to sing in?
Surprisingly very comfortable. The acoustics were pretty good too. Although, I was looking out for any creepy crawlies trying to make their own YouTube cameo by perching on my shoulder.

  • Why was Shed Sessions something you were keen to participate in?
I've known Jack and Finn for a couple of years now and they're such talented, hardworking guys. They asked me to do the Shed Sessions quite early into the whole process of them coming up with it. I was well up for it. It was a great opportunity and they have a lovely fan base too.

  • Has music always been your dream?
Writing music is number 1 love for sure and has been ever since I was young.

  • I have a massive soft spot for your Heart of Blue music video. What was it like filming this project?
It was a great laugh actually. Walking barefoot through Oxford Street was surprisingly pretty liberating. Although I did have to head to the studio straight after with pretty sore [and] dirty feet.

  • Your debut UK headline tour is kicking off soon, how are the nerves?
I've actually just finished the tour! It was so much fun. Meeting the fans and performing my new unreleased music to them was such an incredible experience. They were already singing along to some of the songs after hearing snippets of them in my vlogs on YouTube and Instagram!

  • What can your fans expect from a Shannon Saunders' show?
Lots of dancing and banter. I love getting to know as many of them as possible and creating a friendship with them. I'm so lucky to have such a lovely fan base.

  • Which show are you most excited to play?
My London show definitely lived up to my expectations! It was heaving in there! I stuck around and met everyone after too for a few hours. Signing things, lots of hugging and taking selfies with them.

  • Is there any new music to look forward to in the near future?
Oh yeah of course!

  • When you aren't busy working on your music, what are you doing to unwind?
I love going home and spending time with my family. We all have a great relationship and I miss them so much when I'm away in London. Lots of Lego building with my little nephew and big family dinners.

  • If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be? Who'd be in the front row?
I love the  venue Village Underground and recently supported the super talented Kyla La Grange there. As soon as I came off stage I made it my mission to hold my own sold out show there as soon as possible. The front row would probably end up being my cousin, Romani, our 3 closest friends, Dad, Mum, my sister Jade, my managers Kwame & Jonny, and Nan & Gramp (if they're not at home being country bumpkins). It's been like that for a couple of years now. I love how supportive they all are and [I] am very lucky they share the same love for my music as I do!

  • What are you most excited for during 2015?
FESTIVAL SEASON! For my own shows and the shows with Wilkinson! I'm featuring on the song we wrote Breathe, which is looking to be one of his next singles! It's already looking like it's going to be a hectic summer!